We set aside the Sabbath day for the purpose of holy rest, sacred connection, and life-giving worship. Read more about our approach to Sabbath.

We encourage you to set time aside for three unique movements: PRELUDE, communal WORSHIP, and CIRCLES. All of these are times of holy rest and worship.


Begin your day with a quiet, reflective time with God at the place and time of your choosing. This material is intended for personal meditation.  You may want to be in a quiet place and light your own personal candle, but you may also just be sitting in your car waiting for an appointment. Where you are is not the point. The point is that you are taking the time to be quiet and listen so that you may walk through your day in communion with God.

We will meet at 11am (Eastern). This is our time to come together as a congregation and worship as one, whether in-person or online. Today’s scripture is James 1:19-27. If you’d like to return in-person, please see our What to Expect page for information on entrance and safety.


Connect and experience spiritual growth in meaningful conversation and biblical study with a small group of people in a Tab Circle. To sign up for a Circle or learn more, click here.

More Opportunities

There are many ways to connect with us, on Sundays and beyond! You can find more information about our Sunday School classes, Bible Study groups, prayer gatherings, and discipleship series on our online calendar.