Join us this Sunday as we discuss apostleship.

The scripture passage for today is 1 Corinthians 3:5-11.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Worship – 8/4/19

  1. I look forward to seeing my Church service every Sunday. Last Sunday I couldn’t bring it up on my computer, and I turned it on before the service began.

    I would like to have the app on my computer, instead of my phone so I can get my monthly donation taken out of my bank. I don’t use my phone for banking.

    Please let me know what I’m not doing on the computer that isn’t right. Thank you so much.

    I want to come to my Church in person. I have an issue with going places. I take my sweet, little dog outside, order my groceries online and pick them up, go to doctors’ appointments. Whenever I go somewhere that I cannot take my dog with me, I feel like I have to get home quickly. I would like to go to some stores, but just cannot. Any gifts that I buy for my grandchildren I get online. It’s the pits feeling this way.

    I love Pastor Severns so very much. He has given so much to me and I am grateful. The words in his sermons are real and true. I feel good when I see him and hear his sermons. God bless him.

    I borrowed some money from the endowment fund which I have paid back by mailing checks to the church and noting on them which fund I wanted it to go to, but I think I only got credit for the $100 checks. Some were in smaller increments. So, I hope you know that I paid the money back. It was a blessing when I needed it.

    Well, I feel that I’ve texted too much.

    God bless everyone.

    1. Hi Jean! Our new app is only available on phones, but you can still manage your giving on your computer by visiting We had some trouble with our Livestream on Sunday, so the problem may have been on our end. If you have trouble viewing again, let us know. If you did not receive receipts for all of your giving and would like a statement, please email

      We’re so glad you are a part of our church family through the Livestream ministry!

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