Our Children’s Ministry is growing!! In planning for our fall church activities and the Tabernacle Child Care Center Pre-K class needs, we realized that we needed to reevaluate their space requirements. Both our Kindergarten to 2nd Grade Sunday School class and the TCCC Pre-K class expect an increase in class size. In August the Administrative Board approved a request to update the K-2 Sunday School room so that it can serve the needs of both groups of children, with changes to include:

  1. Painting
  2. An additional table and chairs to match those used in the Pre-K class
  3. New light fixtures
  4. A new window air conditioner
  5. Creation of a new resource closet to provide the opportunity to organize materials used by our Children’s Ministry team members and TCCC instructors
  6. New blinds if needed

We are pleased to announce that we completed the work to prepare this room on time for our 9/6/16 goal! There are many people to thank for many hours of work to make this all possible. Below are some people that we want to extend our sincere gratitude to for their time, effort and other gifts:

  • Patrick Braford, who donated paint and crew members’ time to help paint the room
  • Kathy Allen and Paul Fernald, who spent plenty of hours painting trim
  • Jim and Donna Soyars, who helped empty the K-2 Sunday School room to make the painting easier, prepared a new resource room with shelving, and put up a new 8’ whiteboard
  • Catherine Chop, Brittany Kaufman, and Kristen White, who will be teaching in this room on a daily and weekly basis. They spent time talking about each of their ministries and how the Sunday School team and the Pre-K instructors can work together and celebrate what happens in this classroom every week.
  • Vincent, who cleaned the floor right on schedule
  • Kristen Koger, the Severns children, and Kelley Hurdle, who organized a lot of the Children’s Ministry materials
  • Judy Fiske, who helped sort through items in the classroom to determine what was important to keep, and
  • Kristen Koger, who coordinated a lot of the workplan tasks!

What was the Pre-K classroom is being transitioned into a Children’s Music activity room. That classroom has been cleaned and different furniture arranged to help our children have a dedicated space for creative time together!

Again, we say a big thank you to everyone who helped make this change for our children possible.  This was a tremendous example of how teamwork can make things happen as we grow. We can’t thank all of you enough for supporting our young ones!!!

We are loving the new paint job!
Station Room
Circle Time Room
Re-organized PreK Supply Closet
New Children’s Resource and Supply Closet

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