We are so very grateful for your participation in our God-Sized Vision campaign and for God’s guidance as we launch the Construction phase of this momentous project.  Nelson Melton, Chairman of the Construction & Renovation Committee, is currently working to finalize the last components of the drawings needed to secure the Building Permit from the City of Richmond for our first phase of construction.

As we have noted in several communications about our God-Sized Vision campaign, the Construction & Renovation Committee will agree on several phases of implementation of the changes to be made to our physical structure.  Phase 1 includes modifications to our Basement Area/Fellowship Hall.  Planned improvements include:

  • A new and more accessible Ladies’ bathroom that will have three stalls.
  • A new mechanical room for the Fellowship Hall air conditioning and heating unit.
  • A new, larger storage room for the church’s kitchen activities
  • A small storage room for the musical instruments used in Worship Services meeting in the Fellowship Hall. Currently the equipment is being stored behind the coat rack in the Fellowship Hall.
  • A small office area for the church’s sexton.

This is an exciting time for all of us!  We are beginning to realize a culmination of years of effort on behalf of many of our church members.  Look forward to frequent updates regarding construction progress and any explanation of impact on our location of activities during the time frame of the construction work.  And please do not hesitate to use our God-Sized Vision mailbox located on the table in our Meadow Street entrance foyer to ask any questions that you might have.  Our committee will respond to you in a timely manner.

Please continue your prayers for our Construction & Renovation Committee leaders, as well as for work safety during construction.   Your prayers are an important component of the overall success of our endeavors!

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