Each Sunday in Epiphany we heard the song “For Everyone Born, a Place at the Table.” The kingdom table, and our understanding of christian hospitality, expanded with the unfolding story of the Gospel. In Lent we will explore the wideness of God’s mercy through the lens of the Gospel of Luke. The table will continue to expand and, inevitably, we will find ourselves surprised by an ever-expanding guest list.
We invite you to participate in one of several opportunities in the Lenten Season to engage in meaningful encounters around tables in our community. 

Coordinated Dinners

Each group will meet once for dinner. We will be in touch with dates/information once have a critical mass. Please e-mail Pastor@tbcrichmond.org to request more info. 

Yes, I would like to receive information about the following opportunities.

  • Join the Rones for a meal in their furlough season, before they return to Myanmar. 
  • Read Will Campbell’s Brother to a Dragonfly, an engaging memoir about family, faith, the south, race, addiction, love and death. The dinner group will meet together towards the end of the Lenten Season, after everyone has read the book. 
  • What is the essence of the Gospel and how do we convey our understanding of the Gospel in light of Jesus’ Great Commission mandate? Join a lively conversation around the table. 
  • Participate in a family friendly game night. 
  • Participate in an youth and adult friendly game night.
  • Visit one of our Burma rooted families, alongside a couple of others, for an evening of introduction to food, culture, and friendship. 


A call to hospitality and service to neighbors

Yes, I will commit to reach out my neighbors in the season ahead. This list will not be published or shared with the church at large. However, it will be shared with the deacons and staff for the purposes of encouragement and accountability.  Please e-mail Pastor@tbcrichmond.org to request more info. 

  • I will make a concerted effort to get to know one of my neighbors, or co-workers, in a deeper way through the sharing a meal together. 
  • I will reach out to the church office to find out who needs a meal delivered to their home. 
  • Whereas, I cannot prepare a meal, I would be willing to deliver a meal to a family in need during the lenten season. 
  • During this lenten season, I will make a concerted effort to interact with my family, or roommate(s),  in a more deliberate and/or caring way when we sit down and share a meal together. 
  • During this lenten season, I will commit to connect my community of faith to a neighbor, and/or friend, through an invitation to my home. 
  • I will commit to look for lonely students in the school cafeteria and invite them to join me for lunch during the lenten season.
  • I will reach out to an acquaintance during this lenten season and invite them to coffee/tea for no other purpose but to get to know them on a deeper level. 
  • I will commit to_____________________________________, during this lenten season. 
Please contact Pastor@tbcrichmond.org I would be willing to host one of the coordinated dinners listed on the front page

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