Building & Grounds Update: February 2020

Thank you, Jay and Team!

There’s been a lot of activity over the past couple of weeks to make physical improvements around the church. You’ve heard about the installation of LED light bulbs throughout the TBC buildings. Did you know that being the recipient of a Dominion Energy grant that paid for that work including adding the dimmers on some of those lights, started when Jay Hartman was at an electrical supplier shop? A buddy at that shop introduced him to Michael Parrish of ELS Electrical. That God-made meeting and the follow-up after led us to this gracious gift. Thanks to Jay for his efforts in seeing this project to its completion!

As the LED lights project was underway, several more changes were completed:

  • The Williams Building God-Sized Vision work – new pedestal sinks, heat-controlled faucets, and new mirrors were installed in the 2nd floor bathrooms,
  • Painting the interior of the Grove Avenue office entrance door,
  • Replacing and repainting the keyless-entry door now used as a Grove Avenue Piano entrance,
  • Replacing the awning (donated years ago by the Strongs and the Spains) that was over the office Grove Avenue entrance by adding a new awning over both Grove Avenue entrance doors, and
  • Securing the kitchen stove (on tile installed last year) so that it would no longer slowly slide away from the kitchen wall.
  • Painting the baptistry with an epoxy paint to hopefully eliminate some peeling paint.
  • Re-securing a couple of faucets for the Williams Building 1st floor bathrooms.

The Building & Grounds Committee is grateful for Jay Hartman and Vincent Sallie’s ongoing commitment to maintaining our church facilities! Our committee members will continue to keep you aware of planned and completed activities. In March we hope to implement a new email address for you to use to contact us with your suggestions and comments. Look for new information about using that email address in the near future.