Update: Nominating Committee Vote

Next Sunday, October 20, we will vote on recommendations for members of the Nominating Committee, who will nominate candidates for 2020 Officers, Deacons, and Committees, as well as an addendum about the Nominating Process. In preparation for that vote, we are releasing this podcast, which presents a few different perspectives. We hope that you will listen and give some thought to your options this week to inform your vote.

Our Officers, Deacons, and Committees help to manage all of the administration involved in the operation of a church, as well as leading us forward in Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, and Mission as we grow and follow Jesus together. We are grateful for all of those who serve in these roles, and all of the ways each member of our TBC family adds to the life of our church. We value your input and participation as we work to steward all of our resources – including members’ time and talents – well.