Next Sunday, October 20, we will vote on recommendations for members of the Nominating Committee, who will nominate candidates for 2020 Officers, Deacons, and Committees, as well as an addendum about the Nominating Process. In preparation for that vote, we are releasing this podcast, which presents a few different perspectives. We hope that you will listen and give some thought to your options this week to inform your vote.

Our Officers, Deacons, and Committees help to manage all of the administration involved in the operation of a church, as well as leading us forward in Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, and Mission as we grow and follow Jesus together. We are grateful for all of those who serve in these roles, and all of the ways each member of our TBC family adds to the life of our church. We value your input and participation as we work to steward all of our resources – including members’ time and talents – well.

One thought on “Update: Nominating Committee Vote

  1. The power went out before I completed my first response; then it disappeared, so I don’t know if it got sent or not. However, I like this draft better than the first. The comments below are brief but I would be happy to talk with anyone further if so desired.

    The background video was well done! Thanks.

    To begin with, I do not believe the ballot question is specific enough to fully address the the basic concerns of both sides mentioned in the video. My guess is that most members will agree that the pastor/staff should be involved in the nominating committee process, at least in an advisory capacity. They are, of course, the most knowledgeable about the gifts and limitations of most members. However, it is the degree of influence (pressure), perceived or real, that can be a problem if a pastor is a fully participating (but not voting) member of the committee. This very issue has divided many churches so it really does need to be handled carefully. As we all know, there is already some visible sensitivity and tension about the matter at TBC and has been for some time. The good part is that it is being dealt with and not being ignored

    Of course, there is no perfect way to organize and there will always be bad choices, burnouts and disappointments, real or perceived by someone, no matter no how or what candidates are selected.

    Having served on many nominating committees over the years, irrespective of who the pastor is, I believe the most effective, least divisive, most confidential process is to have an experienced, mature chairperson and a well balanced committee, with the pastor/staff member as a consultant. The chairperson would deliberately solicit input from the pastor (among other sources) about potential candidates and receive information that only a pastor might have concerning the suitability of potential candidate, as needed and as appropriate. The chairperson would then share all but the most sensitive information from the pastor with the committee. Among other things, this minimizes the number of people who are exposed to confidential information. The chairperson, with the committee’s approval, might also invite the pastor into the meeting at any time if it would be helpful.

    The advantage here is that the pastor’s recommendations and unique knowledge and perspective would be provided to the committee for consideration without even the appearance of pressure or disproportionate influence on the committee.

    This recommendation in no way implies a distrust of the pastor or any staff member. Rather it protects them from potentially unfair and divisive criticism.

    Thanks for the opportunity to weigh in on this important issue.


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