This past weekend, our youth went to CBFVA Mission Madness retreat with a theme, “neighbours” hosted by Walnut Grove Baptist Church in Mechanicsville, VA. The retreat was coordinated by Mark Snipes. The youth learned about exploring ways to go beyond emotional and physical fences that hinder us from becoming a good neighbor to others. On Saturday, the youth went to different mission sites with their new group and did mission work the whole day like cleaning yards, raking leaves, gardening, fixing roofs and roads as well as helping Habitat for Humanity. Also, a few of our youth helped led worship service along with the worship leader, Rachel Scott. We are very proud of the work they did for others.

Also, we are very grateful and thankful for our chaperones, Sean and Chasity Dotson for spending time with our youth for the weekend. We could never thank enough our chaperones for looking after the youth. We also would like to say thank you to Wah Lo and Sah Hay Moo, and Jim and Ginny Meisner for welcoming us and letting the youth shower at their house. We give thanks for all your support, guidance and love for our youth.

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