TCCC New Entranceway Officially Completed!

Last week the final steps to complete the new TCCC entranceway were completed when Jay Hartman, Jim Soyars, and team installed the canopy over the new exterior door and added ramps to help the baby carts have an easier roll in and out of the facility.  Work began last fall with the creation of a new wall that now provides more privacy for the Yellow Room children.  Since then there has been a lot of activity including the addition of a new glass door and signage, painting, updated bulletin boards, and a new front desk in the entranceway.  Work is almost completed with just a few cosmetic changes still to be made.  Additionally, over the Christmas break a new classroom door was added in the Yellow Room giving the children direct access to the main TCCC hallway and the bathrooms.  It is all looking really good—we welcome you to check out our progress in person!

This new entranceway was needed to provide a safe and more private access for our TCCC families as we begin renovations of the row houses to apartments.  What was the main TCCC entrance door will be closed off from now on.  We are all excited about the changes that are still to come—we will continue to provide updates for you in the weeks and months ahead!



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