The Ministry and Administrative Committees have an exciting update to cosmetic changes that will be taking place at TCCC over the next couple of months!  As the church preserves and renovates the row houses, TCCC’s main entrance will be switched from its current location in between the row houses to the door that currently leads into the Yellow Room from the blacktop.  Here’s what will be happening, as reflected in the drawing of the new layout, below:

  • The Yellow Room entrance wall will be moved to define the new entranceway from the blacktop. Two doors will be added to the altered Yellow Room. 
  • The toy shed in the playground will be moved in the evening so as not to disrupt the childrens’ play time.
  • A new sandbox area will be created in another location in the playground

The building permit to complete this entranceway work is pending, with the goal of doing as much as possible before Labor Day so the new entranceway is ready well before any work begins to the row houses. The rowhouse renovations may begin as early as September.  The church’s Special Use Permit application for that work remains pending but all signs indicate that the application is proceeding toward approval (thanks to TCCC parent, Sean Hicks!).  

We will update parents about how this will affect Sunday mornings in the nursery as soon as we have more information about when the work will happen.  If you have any questions, please contact Kristen or anyone on the Administrative and Ministry Committees.  Thank you for you ongoing support!


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