Dear Tabernacle,

I hold a million thank yous in my heart. You have my gratitude for letting me learn how to do ministry alongside of you all for the second summer in a row. This summer you all taught me that ministry lies in the bottom of coffee cups and shared meals, in working and worshiping together. While holding me in your care, you let me explore call and faith, and what it means to be a follower of Christ. Thank you for making me laugh and letting me make mistakes and learn to love so fully. From Community Ministry to Community Room Sunday School to helping out with youth events, you all have shaped my being.

One of the first Sundays I was at TBC in 2018, there was a Bread for the Journey. I was so intrigued and in awe of the meaning of this practice of equipping and sending. I am grateful for God’s handiwork in leading me to you. Church, you have equipped me well, of that I am certain. As you send me, I am comforted and overjoyed that you will always be a part of my story, and I will have a place in yours. Thank you for giving me bread for this journey of life and calling.

Grace and Peace,

Miriam Kennedy

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