DID YOU KNOW? Some of us are experiencing the GATHERING on two devices at once? 

We WATCH on a larger screen but use a second smaller device to make use of the CHAT. 


The service is designed to help close the gap in physical distance. Thus, we want you to see the color of our leaders eyes. The service is also designed to be interactive through the Chat. Using a bigger device to see and a small device to interact provides the best of both worlds. 

Many of us are using streaming devices, or our computers, to watch netflix, hulu,etc. Why not put those devices to use to help facilitate corporate worship? 


1) download the free app for your streaming device, or computer, (apple TV, roku, etc.), open it up  and search for “tbcrichmond”

2) You’ll also want to download  the app on a second/smaller device (e.g. smartphone). Bonus points if you sign-up for a free livestream account as its enables you to subscribe to updates and identifies you whenever you use the chat. 

3) OK, you’re ready. Open the app on both devices.  Here’s the key: Pause the video on the smaller device as you are only using it to CHAT. Otherwise you’ll end up with the livestream version of “row, row, row your boat” in a round. 

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