March 18, 2015

First Baptist Church, Colorado Springs

317 E. Kiowa St.

Colorado Springs, CO

To the Congregation at First Baptist Colorado Springs,

Greetings from Richmond, VA! We at Tabernacle are celebrating with you all this weekend as you officially install Rev. Dan Schumacher as your senior pastor. We will be praying for you (as we already have been for months) as you continue to learn about one another as ministers and followers of Christ, and as you begin to understand how this new chapter in life of your congregation and ministry will unfold.

As you continue to welcome Dan into your fold, know that we continue to pray for him as well. He has left a wonderful impression on our congregation, and has contributed to the kingdom of God in Richmond in tremendously life-giving ways. As he settles in in Colorado Springs, we pray that he will continue to live into his calling as senior pastor. We pray of peace, patience, and love as he begins to minister to and alongside you.

As we, the big “C” Church go about the work of mission and ministry, we give thanks for leaders among us who guide with a gentle and caring heart, a passion for the Word of God, and a love of all the people of God’s kingdom. As Dan begins his work at First Baptist Colorado Springs, we also give thanks for the bridge that has been built across the country, joining our congregation with yours. For as we are each individual places, we are all part of God’s kingdom on earth, and we recognize that we must go about the work of God together.

We feel so blessed to celebrate with Dan and you all at First Baptist Colorado Springs! Blessings be upon you, and my joy and nothing less find you, and may Light––Love’s own crucified, risen Light––guide you all along the way.

In Christ,

Megan Fullerton Strollo, Deacon Chair

Tabernacle Baptist Church, Richmond, VA

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