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This past Sunday’s Vision Event was a special time for Tabernacle!  Members, guests, friends of the church and staff all shared a delightful meal and inspiring testimonies about the solid foundation of our past and the light of our future.  The children fifth grade and under discovered ways that they too can contribute to our vision going forward while enjoying their own lunch menu.   What a delightful time for our congregation as we place our faith in achieving God’s Vision for our spiritual mission in the years ahead.

We express our sincere gratitude for everyone who contributed to making this Vision Event such a success.  We can’t name every person who helped along the way, but we hope you know how much we appreciate your time and effort.  We thank:

  • All of those who attended for making the time to share in this important part of our church life.
  • All of those who prayed for blessings on this event, including those who could not attend in person.
  • Those who presented their testimonies, either in person or by video.
  • John Burgess and his team of cooks for their hard work in preparing almost all of the food by hand (except the fried chicken)!
  • The team of planners for thinking through what would make this event meaningful to all of our attendees.
  • The event set-up team for all of their efforts on Sunday morning.
  • Our hosts and hostesses for their welcoming kindness and assistance at each table.
  • Those who helped finish clearing the tables, wash the serving dishes, and take out the trash.

Highlights of our Vision Event

  • Approximately 140 – 150 youth, adults and children attended, meeting the challenge of blocked traffic because of the collegiate cycling championship
  • Four inspiring testimonies were presented–you can view the video of Brenda and Bill Gradwell on Facebook or in “Media” at  Cung Thawng’s testimony can be read on Facebook or at “testimonies” on the church website.
  • Our children’s activities included creation of their own “bank”, where they can store their pennies for contributions to the Vision Campaign.  They are also creating a poster about their role in Tabernacle’s future.
  • Bill Welstead explained the Vision Event packets distributed to all in attendance.  It is important to remember that only our Financial Secretary will have any knowledge of how much an individual decides to contribute to this campaign.  It is a very personal commitment decision.
  • Bill announced that the Advanced Commitment total to date from our Endowment Fund, Campaign Leadership Team, Senior Staff, and Administrative Board Chair is $257,380 (over a 3-year period).
  • Comments were by far very positive about this event and about our future.


Next Steps

  1. Pray about your individual role in this campaign between now and Celebration Sunday on May 18th.
  2. Plan to join us on Celebration Sunday!
  3. If you are unable to join us on May 18th, forward our campaign commitment card in the addressed envelope provided in your Vision Event packet.
  4. If you were unable to attend the Vision Event, look for your Commitment Packet in your mailbox very soon!  If your address has recently changed, please call the church office and let us know.
  5. Questions written down and placed in the mailbox at the event will be answered by personal phone call and/or publication in the TAB.  Remember to use the cards and Vision Campaign Questions mailbox located just outside of the sanctuary to ask any questions that you have in the next couple of weeks, and we will be certain that your questions are answered.

Again, we are sincerely appreciative of everyone’s prayers as we move forward in realizing our God-Sized Vision.  Our faith in God is our guide in all that we do, and his presence is evident in every step we take.   We are truly blessed!

One thought on “Vision Event: Thank You

  1. Hello Pastor, Just a note to try to find out why I can’t seem to hear yesterday’s service on my pc. You know springtime is a wonderful time to rejuvenate and pray for our church. If I don’t get to say this to you in person, before your vacation, I pray for your family to have safe traveling, enjoy and when you are in Burma take pictures if you can. I’d like to know what kinds of flowers and trees are there. Congratulations on your 10th Pastoral anniversary w/TBC. God bless you all. Peggy Gaines

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