Step #1. Put our trust in Christ and recommitment to Discipleship as active walking with Jesus.  

We must trust that Jesus is present in the biggest messes in our individual lives, in our workplaces, and in the unravelling disaster of public discourse. It’s time for the Church to get serious about equipping people to engage with the whole world. That’s only going to happen when we re-commit to our central purpose. 

The central purpose of the church is to bear witness to Jesus at work in the world, as we walk with Jesus into the world.  

Discipleship = active walking with Jesus in the world. 

The moment we find ourselves standing upright again, we must shake the atrophy off of our feet, and learn to walk again. Assume that any program or ministry in the local church is an active form of Discipleship. Assume that our hangups with the word “Discipleship” are probably justified and assume that intentional walking is the only way we’re going to learn about it’s deeper meaning.

…..more on this soon.

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