Our worship service centers on John 2:1-11, Jesus first miracle at the wedding at Cana. Mary, the mother of Jesus, seems to know something that her son either doesn’t know or isn’t ready to acknowledge. ¬†Worship leaders include Christen Schumacher, Molly Huffstetler, Emily Byrd, Susan Sanford, Foster Solomon, Gail Welstead, Lawt Awng, and the Church Staff.

One thought on “Worship: Epiphany 2b, 1.20.13

  1. Hi Sterling,
    This is just a quick note to let you know how inspiring I found this sermon and how grateful I am for the Tabernacle podcasts. I have found myself a bit discouraged recently with the lack of a church family here on St. John that meets my needs so I have been playing your podcasts every Sunday. I am planning to invite a couple of other families who I know feel similarly dissatisfied with worship options here, to join me next week. I thought you should know how far your inspiration and spiritual guidance is reaching.
    Liz Kinsella

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