The first quarter of each year is spent recovering from the Advent and Christmas season, getting ready for Lent and Easter and dodging snow storms!!  This year was no different.   An early Easter made for a short Epiphany season.  The winter was cold, but the snow fall was mostly relegated to Thursday so while the children missed a fair amount of school we did not miss our regular Wednesday evening rehearsals.  This meant that Easter could arrive without a large amount of musical regret!

All of our choirs continued on their regular schedule.   Helen Davidson and Judy Fiske lead the Preschool Choir.  The Older Children’s Choir is led by Judy Fiske and Graham Grinnell and the Sanctuary Choir is led by Judy Fiske, Ron Simmons and Ryan Corbitt.  All of the rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings.  The Older Children’s Choir and the Sanctuary Choir led worship together on two Sundays, one in Epiphany and Palm Sunday.  The Preschool Choir led in worship three Sundays including Palm Sunday and Easter.  The Sanctuary Choir led in worship almost every Sunday during this quarter.  In addition they led the Good Friday Service by singing “Return to Me” by Taylor Davis.  This music is based on the Stations of the Cross.  Ryan Corbitt(piano) and Ulysess Kirksey (cello) provided the accompaniment.   The Karen, Lisu, Kachin and Chin choirs and ensembles led us in worship throughout the season.

Eight children and youth participated in Virginia Baptist All-state Choir this year.  Waysnah Htoo, Monica Iang, Christina Sung, Brynne Severns, Kekoa, Kanoa, Kaeo and Dylan Burgess auditioned and were accepted in the 2015 All-state Choir.   There was an all day rehearsal in January and the a Friday and Saturday rehearsal in February followed by a performance on the Saturday.  The children all learned a great deal and were inspired to sing with this group again next year.   Chaperones were Judy Fiske and John Burgess.

The Epiphany season was decorated with its usual assortment of fabrics and lights.  Lent brought with it a large crown of thorns that was hung in the center of the sanctuary.    Large pieces of cheesecloth dyed in six different colors led into the crown of thorns blackened and dirty and led away from the crown of thorns clean by the grace of God.  There was a white piece of cloth that traveled the length of the installation to symbolize the fact that Jesus is always walking alongside us.  David Powers constructed the crown of thorns.

We are so fortunate to have a great group of singers and musicians at Tabernacle to help with worship leadership.  The members of the Sanctuary Choir are faithful and talented. This quarter we had the privilege of sharing music composed by one of our members, Susan Braden.  We are looking forward to singing more of her compositions and arrangements.

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