Ten years ago the congregation made the wonderful decision to pull Ryan Corbitt out of the pew and put him on the piano bench on a regular basis. The previous occupant of that bench, Mark Andrist, had left for a full time position in Northern Virginia. Ryan had served alongside of Mark for The
Tabernacle, the Sunday evening worship and sang tenor in the choir. It was a delight to move his considerable musical talents to our staff.

Ten years with Ryan has meant Sundays when the offertory reflected a song or theme mentioned in the sermon. “What was that song” has been a constant question as people leave worship. Ryan has taught the choir how to walk in faith as they sing to his accompaniment with his admonition of “there will be an introduction and you will know when to sing.” Many of us wish that “you will know the right thing to do” was as easy as knowing when to sing! This Advent we will be singing one of his compositions as we light our Advent Candles

Ten years with Ryan has meant never worrying that a piece of music is too difficult for the accompanist, not in the correct key or simply not written down.   His talented ears and fingers quickly solve those problems. Need guitar instead of piano—problem solved, in fact, need accordion instead of piano, problem also solved. His considerable talents make the creativity of our worship service possible on so many levels.

Ten years with Ryan has meant the realization of a dream of a piano teaching school at Tabernacle. Grove Ave. Piano has taught many aspiring pianists from the church and neighborhood to play. Ryan also keeps the pianos at Tabernacle and in many of our homes in good tune.Corbitt, Ryan

Each of us can tell of times when we have been delighted and inspired by his beautiful work at the piano or guitar. Please take a moment to share a memory or thought with him as we celebrate Ten Years with Ryan Corbitt! May the next ten years be as creative and inspirational.

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