As I sit here between a pair of 3 month old twins, Jack and Phoebe, I can think of only one word to describe the people of TBC, family. When I arrived in Richmond, not knowing anyone, the TBC family took me in as one of their own. As I went to work in other churches around the city, Tabernacle remained a place I knew I could come home to. Then on Thursdays Tabernacle became a home that threw open it’s doors in hospitality to those in need in the community, through the Food Pantry ministry and I got to be a small part of that. It always healed my heart.

The people of Tabernacle, there are to many of you to mention by name, showed me what it meant to be a church family. Thank You. I have carried your example with me to the Eastern Shore and the church family I serve now.

Rev. Will Baker

Will was ordained at Tabernacle on February 7, 2009 and currently serves as Pastor at Drummundtown Baptist Church, Parksley, VA

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