This week I am celebrating alongside you the 3 year anniversary of my ordination at TBC. It is a moment I cherish and that I carry great respect for. It is a huge deal to be affirmed as a minister of the Gospel by a church that truly tries to live out the Gospel of Christ throughout your 125 years.

The Church Family at Tabernacle is an amazing family. A family that Melanie and I miss very much. You were a place that allowed me to explore my calling and try things I didn’t know how to do. When I messed up you extended grace and when I was successful you celebrated beside me. Most importantly you modeled what it means for a church to be a family as I got to participate beside you in welcoming others in, finding ways to incorporate different cultures into worship, and walking beside each other through various seasons of life. You are a model of what the body of Christ looks like.

Rev. Gregory Harrell

Greg was ordained at Tabernacle Baptist Church on May 17, 2009 and serves as Minister of Youth at Blacksburg Baptist Church.


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