This report was submitted back in June from Donna and the Building and Grounds Committee. Since it was a large and costly project, we thought for those of you who may have missed it the first time around, we would bring it back to the top of the posts so you can have a chance to read it again.

It’s been an exciting month of activity around our buildings for the month of May and into early June.  You may not notice unless you look hard or unless you are spending time in the choir area or Blue Room!  The members of the Building & Grounds Committee thought you would like to see just how hard folks have been working for needed repairs and renovations, thanks to our partnerships with local experts.  Old World Masonry Restoration, Vassars Services and Jeter Flooring all did an excellent job for us!

To read the full report which includes pictures of the project, click here.

Many thanks to Vincent, Donna and the Building & Grounds Committee.

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