Hello Parents!
We will kick off Lent with Ash Wednesday Worship in the Sanctuary. Parents are welcome to attend with their children (children in the service must be accompanied by an adult). 

This service will be quiet and dark, so if you would like to take younger children (up to 5th grade) to the nursery, you can drop them off in the following locations: 

From 5:45-6:00PM, parent drop off is in the Preschool Worship Arts classroom (on the Main Level) with Jerusha, Dianna, and Kara. 

If you arrive after 6PM, please drop your child off in the nursery, on the 1st Floor of the Williams Building.
From 6:00-7:00PM, there will be child-friendly worship for children in the Nursery. Through action and symbol, the children will be invited to receive the Sign of the Cross in ashes on their foreheads. 

We look forward to seeing you for this meaningful service!

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