The Deacon Board continues to meet monthly. Participation in the meeting has been
excellent and the deacons continue to endeavor to provide support to our pastoral staff and
the congregation in whatever ways possible and needed. Some highlights of the past three
months follow.


  • The Youth Minister Team presented their recommendation that Hogan Brock be
    offered the position. After appropriate discussion and dialogue, the deacons
    unanimously approved the candidate.
  • The deacons received a report from the deacon who met with the concerned
    member regarding his recommendations. The member’s concerns were things he
    had been thinking about for quite some time, thus there was not urgency in
    responding. In the absence of the pastor and several members further discussion
    was tabled until the next meeting.
  • The deacon family lists were discussed, and suggestions were offered to assure
    that children who come to worship with grandparents are appropriately included
    in deacon lists.
  • Reports were received from the Race Dialogue team, the Marriage Enrichment
    Group, and the pastor.


  • The Children’s Team reported the process and status of the search team that is
    working on the part-time children’s minister position. After a lively and
    productive discussion, the deacons unanimously approved the recommended
    salary. The search team includes Mark Snipes, Jessica Corbitt, Patrick Braford,
    Karen Herman and someone from the Burmese community (TBD).
  • The deacons discussed at length the items included in the concerned member’s
    letter. The member wished to be proactive in pointing out several potential
    problems and issues. The deacons agreed with many, if not most, of these items:
    deacon minutes will include those present and absent; approved minutes will be
    available to members; confidentiality will be assured in handling sensitive
    information among staff and the membership.
  • The Hunger Ministry was discussed regarding recent issues involving members of
    the ministry team. The process of handling problems was the biggest concern
    among the hunger ministry team. These concerns have been noted and ongoing
    dialogue will be available to those involved.
  • Reports were received regarding the pastoral staff evaluation process, marriage
    enrichment group and the Fellowship Fund.


  • The pastor reported that he continues to be available to anyone who has questions
    about the Hunger Ministry incident. He explained the process and assured the
    deacons that there is accountability in the way issues are handled. While we seek
    to be transparent, the privacy of individuals must be respected. Deacons were
    asked to continue to reach out to all involved to provide support and care.
  • Deacons received a report on the status and ongoing progress of the Tabernacle
    Child Care Center. This included their plans for adding another classroom which
    will permit additional capacity and possibly allow for additional scholarship
    grants for refugee children. No vote was needed by the deacons; simply their
  • The Marriage Enrichment Group presented their recommendations. The process
    was explained in detail and materials were distributed to the deacons. Deacons
    were requested to prayerfully review the material and come to the next deacons’
    meeting prepared to discuss the recommendations.

Grace and peace,
Woody Jenkins

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