Calling forth the sorters and organizers among us.

Calling forth those wishing to pretend they are sorters and organizers.

Looking for a productive way to release some stress? Feeling the need to bring a little order in the chaos? Have we got an opportunity for you!

1. THIS SUNDAY, FEB 6, a handful of folks are going to spend about 1/2 hour pulling 100% of the stuff out of the TBC work room and supply closet.

2. The “stuff” will be sorted onto tables in the hallway.

Categories include:

  • needs to go back “home” to work room
  • wants to move a smaller place on the end of the block (aka storage closet)
  • don’t know where it goes but it definitely ain’t here
  • and then there’s the stuff that needs to roam free (aka off the premesis).

This is a really easy/brief opportunity for folks to help us get the building ready for company and make space for more deliberate walking into Abundant Community.
No skilled labor required. 30 minutes max.

Please set a reminder on your calendars and meet us in the hallway after worship if you’re available.

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