In the fall of 2020, we as a church decided that, in order to enter into a deliberate season of discernment, we would move to a simple church model. We committed to spending our energy asking God where we are being called in this moment and beyond. Join us in this journey forward.

  • Business Meeting: May 16, 2021
    We have many important items to discuss at our business meeting! Please join us to vote on the Personnel Manual, hear recommendations about urgent and future staffing, and discuss the direction our congregation is heading. Final Q&A Session for Personnel Manual The updated Manual was approved by both the Administrative Board and Board of Deacons, … Continue reading Business Meeting: May 16, 2021
  • Going Deeper: Communal Grief Part 2
    Minister of Children & Families Jerusha Moses discusses different types of grief and how we cope with loss. What is your style of expressing grief? How do you process loss and pain? What helps you when you experience grief?
  • Going Deeper: Life Cycles of a Congregation
    We are indebted to Dr. Tracy Hartman, one of our beloved members, for introducing us to “Life Cycles of a Congregation.”
  • Does Church Size Matter?
    Today Pastor Meg Lacy Vega talks to us about how congregations function differently depending on their size.
  • Introduction: Who are we?
    Pastor Sterling Severns introduces our season of holy conversations. This video was shared at the January 31 Annual Business meeting before breakout groups took a first look at our initial survey results.
  • Going Deeper: Leading Beyond the Blizzard
    Spencer Law reads and reflects on the article Leading Beyond the Blizzard: Why Every Organization Is Now a Startup. What do you think?
  • And So It Begins: Intro and Initial Survey
    As you are praying for wisdom and clarity, please watch the introductory video and give us your thoughts through an anonymous survey.