Holy Week Schedule

Schedule for Holy Week at Tabernacle Baptist Church

April 2: Palm Sunday Worship    10:50 AM  Palm Parade  11:00 AM Worship
Taize Worship    6:00 PM   River Road Church (Baptist)
Join Judy and attend a Palm Sunday Evening Taize Service.

April 6:  Maundy Thursday Service:  6:00-7:30 PM – Foot Washing, Table Discussions, Communion

April 7:   Good Friday Service:   7:00-8:00 PM  – Stations of the Cross, readings and music.

April 8:   Easter Egg Hunt and Cookout:   4:30-6:00 PM at the home of
                  Judy and Eric Fiske.  Bring a dish to share.
                  Contact Judy at judy@tbcrichmond.org for directions.

April 9:   8:30 AM  Easter Breakfast in the Fellowship Hall.  
                9:45 AM   Various Sunday School Classes
             11:00 AM   Easter Worship in the Sanctuary
        Please bring fresh flowers to help “Flower” the cross

Time To Order Easter Lilies

Time to start ordering Easter Lilies……………..
We are almost in the Easter season, and it is time to think about ordering Easter Lilies in memory or honor of a loved one.  The cost this year is $14.90 per plant.  When placing your order, if paying by check or some other form of payment, please print out the form by clicking the link below. If paying by check, please indicate in the check memo line that it is for an Easter Lily and please place the order form and check in an envelope and place it in Peggy Strong’s box outside of the church office. If you are making payment electronically, please print out the order form and place the form in Peggy Strong’s box outside of the church office and please indicate how the payment was made where it is asked for on the form. If mailing in the form and check, please use the address on the form and please put it to Peggy’s attention.

Click here for an order form. Orders need to be place by April 2nd.

Prayer Leads to Purpose

TERESA OF ÁVILA: Prayer Leads to Purpose

A meditation from the Center for Action and Contemplation (March 12, 2023). Author and interspiritual teacher Megan Don introduces the Spanish mystic Teresa of Ávila (1515–1582) as an exemplar of action and contemplation: 

Teresa’s life provides us with an exceptional example of bringing the contemplative and active life together; it displays both a profound internal depth and an exceptionally productive outcome.…  

At the age of twenty, after much deliberation, she chose to enter the Carmelite Monastery in Ávila. She did not make this choice because of a vocational “calling” but because Teresa understood it to be a favorable alternative to marriage….  

Her fascination with the world continued while she lived in the monastery, since it was not an enclosed order, and a stream of visitors occupied much of her time…. Prayers were ordered and recited by rote, which left her soul dry and uninspired. She attempted to enter her own “prayer of quiet,” but finding the thoughts in her head far too noisy and disturbing, she gave up any attempt to develop a more meaningful way to pray. Her relationship with the Beloved [God] at this time was fairly superficial.  

For twenty years she lived a divided life. On the one hand her ego desired worldly attachments, while on the other her spirit was calling her to a deeper communion with the divine. At the age of forty, Teresa finally surrendered completely to her Beloved. Her real life and work had begun. She returned to her prayer of quiet, allowing the Beloved to lead her, no longer relying on her own techniques. Meditation became essential to Teresa in establishing a clear and firm foundation with the divine, and as she walked further on her spiritual pathway, she came to understand that this external Beloved also “rests within.” It was to this place that she would constantly return to receive guidance, love, and a feeling of deep peace that she could not find elsewhere. [1] 

From that place of peace and inner authority, Teresa worked to return the Carmelite order to its original emphasis on prayer, poverty, and simplicity, going on to found seventeen new convents and monasteries. Don continues: 

Contrary to popular belief, the pinnacle of the mystical life is often lived in the world, even though it is not of the world. Having come into a full consciousness of the reality of existence, the mystic is now returned to society, displaying an extraordinary energy for the work required. This energy is none other than the divine force working in and through this willing worker of the Beloved, and it far surpasses anything we human beings can do alone. Teresa’s life is one such example of a person in and through whom the Beloved worked, and throughout her life she reiterated that the ultimate purpose of the sacred marriage [or union with God] is to give birth to good works in the world. [2]  


[1] Megan Don, Meditations with Teresa of Ávila: A Journey into the Sacred (Novato, CA: New World Library, 2011), 1, 2–3. 

[2] Don, Meditations with Teresa of Ávila, 218. 

Image credit: A path from one week to the next—Les Argonauts, Camino de SantiagoUnsplash. Jenna Keiper, Winter Bird. Jenna Keiper, Mystic. Used with permission. Click here to enlarge image

Perched in solitude, in communion with the Beloved. 

Ash Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the liturgical season of Lent.  Lent is the 40 days before Easter Sunday—actually 46 days before Easter Sunday because Sundays do not count in the Lenten count of days. 

On Ash Wednesday you receive a cross of ash on your forehead along with the words “Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.”  The ashes are made by burning the palm crosses from the previous year’s Palm Sunday service and mixing them with oil.  The ritual is to remind us that as God’s creation we live a fleeting life and often make bad choices.  The season of Lent reminds us that we need to repent from our bad choices and work to improve our relationship with both God and each other.  Join us for some of the day on February 22 to participate in Ash Wednesday.

Ash Wednesday at Tabernacle:
The sanctuary will be open on Wednesday, February 22, from 11:00 AM-5:30 PM for you to participate in guided meditations and to receive ashes.  You may come and receive ashes and leave or stay and meditate and pray.

5:30-6:20 PM  Join us for pancake dinner.

6:30-7:15 PM  Join us for a communal Ash Wednesday Service in the Sanctuary.  The service will include music, readings, a reflection and the imposition of ashes. 

It’s Transfiguration Sunday!

IT’S TRANSFIGURATION SUNDAY! FEB 19 @ 11 AM (EST)We hope you’ll make plans to join us for this morning’s worship service. We will conclude the season of light celebrating the Transfiguration of Jesus. We will conclude the worship service in a circle of candlelight, turning our attention to the Lenten journey ahead.


During the invitation hymn, those participating virtually will be encouraged to log out of the livestream AND immediately log into the zoom link below. This will allow our virtual participants, each holding candles, to be visually seen alongside those in the physical sanctuary. It only would make sense to do this if you’re comfortable turning on your zoom camera to be seen in the circle of candlelight. If you’d rather not be seen, it’s best to just stay in the livestream.


1) Login into this zoom link when prompted:


Meeting ID: 342 567 7717
Passcode: 909439

2) Turn on your camera so that you and your UNLIT candle can be seen on the monitor in the Sanctuary.

3) Be sure your microphone is muted.

4) You’ll be prompted to light your candle, when those in the physical room are lighting theirs.

Join the Search Party

Step 1: Sign-up for a Search Team on this webpage (see below)

Determine if you want to create your own Search Team of 5-6 people and sign up together or allow us put you on a team of some amazing fellow sojourners. 

Step 2: We’ll reach out to your group 

We’ll help your team make introductions and provide a large menu of opportunities, some with pre-assigned dates and others completely flexible. 

Step 3: Team selects three unique events 

Your team will make three event selections and we’ll proceed in getting your team the details. 

Step 4: Team participates in the 1st event

Step 5: Team shares a meal and reflects upon the Spirit’s movement among us

After event one, team will schedule a time to share a meal and share your hearts with one another. 

You all determine the date, time and venue/menu. We’ll provide the conversation guide and or a facilitator. 

*** Repeat Steps 4 and 5….a couple more times. 

Create your own user feedback survey

Retreat Weekend – January 13-15

Find yourself available tonight for the first retreat session this evening? GREAT!!!!! If you opt to join us in the virtual acre: Much of our time this weekend will be spent in open dialogue and sharing. We want to create a space where participants can speak courageously and freely, a space where trust is prioritized. We’ll assume that if you show up, you’re prepared to be fully present (e.g. camera on during dialogue moments and avoidance of “easedropping mode” 🙂 If you’re up for that, just email Ron at MU6FES@aol.com and he’ll send you the link.

TAB 2022-23 Holiday Schedule & Events

Over the next several weeks during the holidays, we have many opportunities to worship, serve and support our Ministry Programs.  Here is a snapshot of what will be happening in the life of our church.

LAST DINNER CHURCH before hiatus – December 14th

We hope you’ll join us for “Dinner Church” this Wednesday, Dec. 14.  Participants can opt to arrive at 5:45 p.m. for pre-dinner dialogue in the Sanctuary or arrive in the fellowship hall just prior to 6:30 p.m.  It’s important for us to have an accurate headcount for the meal. Please click this link to RSVP by 5:00 PM today. (Tuesday, December 13)

CHRISTMAS BASKETS – December 16th & 17th

This Saturday, December 17, we will gather to distribute food and Christmas Baskets to neighbors.  Plan on joining us Friday morning, December 16, at 10am to pack baskets and Saturday morning at 7:30am to be present with our neighbors. 

Saturday, December, 17th,  8:00 PM  Candlelight Concert at Bruton Parish Episcopal Church, 201 Duke of Gloucester St.  Williamsburg, VA

The Tabernacle Baptist Church Sanctuary Choir and Handbell Choir will present a concert of Christmas music as a part of the Candlelight Concert Series in the beautiful setting of historic Bruton Parish Church in Williamsburg, Va.  If you would like to attend this concert you should plan to be at the church by 7:00 PM so we can let you in so you will be guaranteed a seat.  Please knock on the doors just inside the gate to the churchyard.  Doors open to the public at 7:15 and the church is usually full.  Because of special events in the Colonial area of Williamsburg that evening there is NO parking in front of the church on Duke of Gloucester St.  Parking is available in other places around the historic area.  The Tabernacle Choirs have been participating in this Concert series for about 40 years.  

Sunday Morning Worship – December 18th

Our 11:00 AM Worship led by our Sanctuary Choir and Handbell Choir.  We will celebrate the fourth Sunday of Advent with a service of music celebrating the birth of Jesus.  This Sunday the “Love” candle will be lit as we make our final preparations for the celebration of Christmas. 


4:00 PM – Christmas in the Fan: a concert presented by the Richmond Concert Band and the Tabernacle Choirs. Richmond Concert Band is a community band with more than 80 members.  The band was founded in 1971.  RCB has called Tabernacle Baptist Church home since about 1985.  This concert is a festive event that celebrates the music of Christmas, sacred and secular.  The concert will last about 90 minutes and is appropriate for all ages. 

On Saturday, December 24, at 5:00 PM our annual Christmas Eve Service will be held in the Sanctuary.  This service is one of the most creative and beautiful worship services of the year.  This worship service will consist of scripture readings which tell the story of the birth of Jesus along with music provided by soloists and ensembles. At the end of the service we will light the Christ Candle and pass the light on to each other as we light our candles. Worship will conclude with the singing of “Silent Night” together as the light from the candles fills the Sanctuary. We hope you will join us on this Holy Night. 


Joy to the World, the Lord has come!  We hope you’ll make plans to join us for worship at 11 AM on Sunday, Dec. 25.  (please note: please check with your Sunday School Class leader to see if you are meeting this morning, otherwise, Sunday classes and programs will resume on January 8).


Start 2023 at TBC!  We hope you’ll make plans to join us for worship at 11 AM on Sunday, January 1.  (please note: please check with your Sunday School Class leader to see if you are meeting this morning, otherwise, Sunday classes and programs will resume on January 8).



God is preparing our historic church  for a new chapter…..a new day….a new beginning.  TBC leadership has invited Mark Tidsworth, founder and team leader of Pinnacle Leadership Associates, to bring  the entire congregation together for a weekend of discerning dialogue. CLICK HERE for more details.

Save the Date! Church Wide Retreat

Save the Date: Church-Wide Re-Visioning Retreat

God is preparing our historic church  for a new chapter…..a new day….a new beginning.  TBC leadership hasinvited Mark Tidsworth, founder and team leader of Pinnacle Leadership Associates, to bring  the entire congregation together for a weekend of discerning dialogue.

We will gather:  Friday evening, all-day Saturday, and conclude in worship on Sunday morning.  Participants can join us in both the physical building and/or TBC’s virtual acre.  Sign-ups will begin in the next week or so.

The leadership of the church would love for you to join us in reading Mark’s book, Shift: Three Big Moves for the 21st Century Churchin preparation for the retreat.