We are beyond grateful to the generous donors that made it possible purchase our new sound system! The upgrades have been completed. These upgrades include a new digital mixer, new speakers for the main floor and balcony, new choir monitors for even controlled coverage in the choir loft, and new microphone for the special music, and stage podium. Additionally, new audio and video cabling was installed for future video feeds from the stage, choir loft, and sound both. 

Improvements include remote sound control with mobile devices, simplified digital audio recording for the podcast by removing the requirement for secondary sound mixer and laptop, improved sound under the balcony, and ample future expansion for inputs and output of the system. Volunteers have given over 150 combined hours to install the 3500 feet providing approximately $12,000 in installation savings.

We are currently building an audio/visual team to take turns running the soundboard and podcast/Livestream camera. Please let us know if you’d like to receive training and join the rotation. 

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