The Children’s Ministry highlights are as follows:

  • Leadership: Children’s Ministry was led by the Children’s Team under the direction of the Team Leader, April Kennedy. Rev. Jerusha Moses’s last official work day was February 13, 2019. She awaits the approval of her Religious Worker’s Permit.
  • The TCCC leadership committee and TBC Children’s Team met together on Wednesday March 20, 8:30AM in the Conference room. This meeting facilitated the creation of a shared vision for Children’s work at Tabernacle Baptist Church.
  • Parents’ Night Out was offered by the Nursery Workers, Diana Faison and Kara. Each parent paid $10 per child (which included childcare, activity cost, and pizza dinner)
    • Valentine’s Day Parents’ Night Out: 14 children attended on 2/16/2019. Rachel and Hogan Brock led a slime activity.
    • Easter Edition Parents’ Night Out: 10 children attended on 4/13/2019.
  • Intergenerational Activities
    • A Game Night was held 2/22. Six families brought soup to share (the Lowery, Kennedy, Wright, Smith/Mize, Corbitt, and Snipe families). It was a special time of fellowship and fun as children, youth, and families played board games together. Jessica Corbitt organized a large-scale BINGO game with prizes.
    • The Youth Group helped strip the Children’s Tables in the Worship Explorers classroom and finished the tables with artwork. This was carried out in response to a request from a Sunday School teacher’s mentioning the half peeled plastic lining on the tables were a distraction to the children during Worship Explorers.
  • Lent
    • Ash Wednesday: Rev. Meg Lacy prepared special Worship bags for children to use in the Sanctuary. The Nursery had 17 children. The Children’s Team imposed ashes for the nursery-aged children with a special Ash Wednesday Lesson
    • Palm Sunday: The palm parade and 2 children’s choirs (led by Judy, Jessica, and Terry) was well attended.
    • Maundy Thursday: Children played a significant role in the Maundy Thursday Footwashing/Hand-washing ceremonies. Nursery was also provided.
    • Good Friday: It was decided that Children up to Grade 5 would be in the nursery during this service. Diana Faison came up with 2 activities for children. Sadly the evening’s service was cancelled due to anticipated storms.
    • Easter Egg Hunt: We had a joint TCCC-TBC Children’s Ministry Easter Egg Hunt at Judy’s home. The Children’s Team unanimously decided that the Easter Egg Hunt would be scheduled for the Saturday before Easter, in order to make Holy Week more child friendly. We had a special Welcome Table with representatives from TBC Children’s Committee and TCCC. The older children had an Easter questionnaire activity of 5 questions and received a candy bag for completion. Jerusha led the opening prayer.
    • Easter Sunday: The children joined in the Easter breakfast and the flowering of the cross during the worship service.
  • Wednesday Nights
    • Erika Hollen (our newest teacher) led preschool choir during Mrs. Helen Davidson’s brief absence. We are grateful for the leadership of Judy Fiske, Jessica Corbitt, and Terry in leading the children’s choirs.
  • Babies: 2 babies were added to the ministry.
    • Maxwell Killian Wolf was born 3/28/2019 4:10am
    • Nibe Char Ngwa was also born 3/28/2019 7:50am

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