As we journey through this Lenten season, particularly this season in the time of pandemic, examining what it means to be a people of God in this time and in our various places, we ask you to consider participating in the Community Ministry of Tabernacle Baptist Church.  Use this Lenten prayer calendar to guide you. Your gifts are appreciated by them and by the Community Ministry Team and our neighbors. Your prayers mean the world to us. 

February 17 – Ash Wednesday
Prepare for this Lenten journey by opening a paper bag or a reusable bag that you can donate. Pray for the family that will receive this bag.  Give thanks for all that you have today.  (Put a few empty bags in the bag, because we never have too many and you may fill this one.)

February 18 
Pray for the mother who is happy to see a roll of toilet paper in the bag that we give out each week.  Give thanks that you have toilet paper in your house.

February 19
Pray for the person who wants to look and feel clean as they face whatever their day brings. As you add some razors to your bag, and give thanks that you face your day clean shaven.

February 20
Pray for kids who will be getting up this morning to head to the park, or the back yard to play. They need a good breakfast to get them going.  Add some grits or oatmeal or cream of wheat to your bag. Give thanks that you are starting this day with a filling meal.

February 21
Sunday is a feast day in the season of Lent. Celebrate this Sunday by adding something that you eat to celebrate.  (Some of us want cake, or cookies, or brownies. So a mix for any of these and maybe some oil, will help someone else celebrate)

February 22
Pray for the family that has a baby that seemingly cries all of the time. Put diapers or wipes in your bag and remember that your mother probably thought that you would never stop crying. Give thanks that you will, most likely, sleep soundly tonight.

February 23
Pray for the woman who may miss a meal this month so that she will be clean and comfortable. Put some tampons or pads, and maybe some Advil in your bag for her.  Give thanks that such a small thing will make someone’s month.

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