As we journey through this Lenten season, particularly this season in the time of pandemic, examining what it means to be a people of God in this time and in our various places, we ask you to consider participating in the Community Ministry of Tabernacle Baptist Church.  Use this Lenten prayer calendar to guide you. Your gifts are appreciated by them and by the Community Ministry Team and our neighbors. Your prayers mean the world to us. 

February 24  
Pray for families that gather for dinner tonight. In previous and future years, Wednesday is the day we gather as a church family for dinner. As we gather physically in our homes, and spiritually in our hearts, imagine there is someone else at your table.  Add to the bag the ingredients of a meal for them.  (Use your imagination and go wild, or put in a can of beef stew.) Give thanks for all of the meals that we share at Tabernacle.

February 25        
Pray for people who walk everywhere that they go. Add some nice heavy warm socks to your bag so that they can have warm, dry, clean feet. Give thanks that your feet are warm and dry.

February 26    
Pray for a family that is gathered on a Friday night to watch a movie, or play games. Add a box of your favorite cookies or microwave popcorn for them to share.  Give thanks for your own family as you imagine them laughing together, 

February 27      
Pray for a parent giving their kids a bath, washing off the dust of a Saturday playing. Put some soap or body wash, and maybe a washcloth in your bag. Give thanks that you get to give your kid a bath, or that you do not.

February 28    
Sunday is a feast day in the Lenten season. Pray for a family that will share a meal today.  Add some spaghetti (1lb box) and pasta sauce to your bag so that their may be a feast. Pray for the feasts that you appreciate with your family.

March 1        
It is March, so who knows what the weather will be like. If it is cold, there is certainly someone who would appreciate a bowl of soup to help them feel warm.  Add a couple of cans of soup, and maybe some crackers to go with it, to your bag. Pray for those who may not have a hot meal today.  Give thanks for food that warms you body and soul.      

March 2          
Pray for people who spend a lot of time outside. Add a pair of gloves and/ or a warm hat for them to your bag. Give thanks that you have somewhere to warm your hands.

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