As we journey through this Lenten season, particularly this season in the time of pandemic, examining what it means to be a people of God in this time and in our various places, we ask you to consider participating in the Community Ministry of Tabernacle Baptist Church.  Use this Lenten prayer calendar to guide you. Your gifts are appreciated by them and by the Community Ministry Team and our neighbors. Your prayers mean the world to us. 

March 3        
It is Wednesday again. As you sit down to eat dinner, remember a meal and fellowship that you have shared around tables in our church house.  Add food to your bag that makes you happy. Pray for the happiness of our neighborhood. Give thanks for the meals that you have shared, and will share in the future in the Tabernacle fellowship hall.

March 4       
Thank God for your body and the ways you can keep it healthy. Include cans of your favorite vegetable and pray for those who don’t have access to food that is healthy. Add your favorite seasoning to put on that vegetable to remind yourself that eating healthy can be a delicious privilege.

March 5        
Pray for someone who doesn’t get to shower every day or maybe even every week.  Add some deodorant to your bag. Give thanks for the running water in your house.

March 6        
Pray for people who wake up in the morning and do not have a hot cup of something to help get their day started. Add some of your favorite coffee (ground or instant), tea or hot chocolate to your bag. (Maybe add some sugar, sweetener, creamer-whatever you put in your beverage.) Give thanks for yourself, and those around you, that you do not have to go anywhere without your morning beverage.

March 7        
Sunday is a feast day in the season of Lent. Pray for our neighbors who live our of doors. For someone who has nowhere to cook, meat in a can is appreciated.  Add some Vienna Sausage, Spam, tuna or chicken to your bag (pop top cans please).  Give thanks for the feasts that you share with your family.

March 8        
Pray for the mother who asks her mother every night at bedtime: Did you brush your teeth? Put toothbrushes in your bag so there is one less thing she will have to worry about. (Single packs, please.) Give thanks that you have a toothbrush in a cup by your sink.

March 9        
Pray for the kid who needed a toothbrush yesterday. Add some toothpaste to your bag so they can take care of the baby teeth that are coming in or the new teeth that came to replace them. Give thanks for the toothpaste next to the cup by your sink.

Go back and see the Week 1 Devotional or the Week 2 Devotional if you missed it.

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