As we journey through this Lenten season, particularly this season in the time of pandemic, examining what it means to be a people of God in this time and in our various places, we ask you to consider participating in the Community Ministry of Tabernacle Baptist Church.  Use this Lenten prayer calendar to guide you. Your gifts are appreciated by them and by the Community Ministry Team and our neighbors. Your prayers mean the world to us. 

March 10
Think about the meals you shared with your family when you were growing up. Add the ingredients for a meal that reminds you of eating with your parents or grandparents. Thank God for the ways our family ministers to us.

March 11
Some nights, meal planning is exhausting. Put your favorite quick meal ingredients into the bag: mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, instant noodles. Pray for those who feel like there are just not enough hours in the day.

March 12     
On Fridays before the pandemic, we used to plan our weekends, filling them with eating out, going to parks, or visiting friends. Pray for those who have lost employment and opportunities because of everything being closed. Put something in your bag that reminds you of having fun with your friends.

March 13       
Pray for those for whom weekend doesn’t mean rest. Add to your bag some protein-rich food to nourish bodies that have been hard at work all day, like tuna, vienna sausages, or beef jerky.

March 14     
Sunday is a feast day in the Lenten season. What does a feast look like to you? Sometimes it can mean taking the ordinary and adding something special. Add to your bag a staple like pasta or rice, and put in some special condiments like bacon bits, sauce, dried fruit, or french fried onions so someone can take a normal meal and make it a feast.

March 15         
Some days in the winter the wind whips down the alleyway where Community Ministry hands out food. It reminds us that we need special care when exposed to the elements. Add lotion and lip balm. Thank God that you are sheltered from the wind and cold.    

March 16           
Spring is coming and with it, new growth and new life. Thank God for the springtime vegetables and fruits that will grow. Thank God for seasons of spiritual growth in our own lives. Add fruits or vegetables to your bag (pop-top cans or jars if possible).

More about Community Ministry here.

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