Since the spring of 2020, Tabernacle has been taking precautions to minimize the spread of Covid-19 and follow the advice of our government and medical professionals. We closed our doors for over a year and switched to online worship via Livestream. Below you will find the original Safety Protocol Document, created by the Safety Protocol Team and voted on by the church. As agreed, the Safety Protocol Team has been monitoring the situation and continues to create up-to-date guidelines for us to re-enter safely.

In May 2021, we will open worship to the public following Phase 1 of the Protocol document. Everyone in person is asked to follow these guidelines for in-person gathering:

Wear masks while inside the building.Maintain social distancing (six feet from people not in your household).Maintain proper hygiene (wash hands, cough into elbows, etc).Stay home if ill or showing possible symptoms.

More information on what in-person worship will look like:

Safety Protocol Document

Our church family has agreed on the Safety Protocol below, and our Safety Protocol Implementation Team continues to monitor conditions and update this document.

Latest Covid-19 Updates

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