If you missed our four-week series “On Death and Dying,” our 2016 Wednesday night Adult Lenten Series, here are links to podcasts of all four sessions. We’re grateful for your willingness to delve into this subject, and found that we had very meaningful dialogue around tables when given permission to talk about this most challenging topic. We hope you’ll find the podcasts and the discussion questions helpful for you as you wrestle with what it means for us to be mortal human beings who believe in an infinite God.

Series Overview and Schedule

“Dying is the most general human event, something we all have to do. But do we do it well? Is our death more than an unavoidable fate that we simply wish would not be there? Can it somehow become an act of fulfillment, perhaps more human than any other human act?” (Henri Nouwen). Join us for this special four-week Lenten series in the Fellowship Hall from 6:30 to 7:30pm on Wednesday evenings after the fellowship dinner. Led by Jeff and Julie Walton and Art Wright, this series will explore practical and theological aspects of what it means for us to prepare for a good death. Please contact Art Wright (wright@tbcrichmond.org) if you have any questions.

Week 1 (Feb 17) – Introduction and Big Questions
Week 2 (Feb 24) – The Dying Process, How to Prepare Well for Death
Week 3 (March 2) – After Death, Funerals
Week 4 (March 9) – Grieving

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