The Construction & Renovation Committee is currently sponsoring three information and comment exchange sessions in key ministry areas of our Church.  These sessions give everyone a chance to understand how specific spaces will be affected in the future, to have questions answered about planned renovation changes, as well as to offer comments to be considered as we begin working with the architects for detailed drawings.

Nelson Melton led the first session after church services on Sunday, October 12th, discussing the changes to be made in and around the Meadow Street entrance and in the current Church offices near the Sanctuary.  Members of the Church agreed several years ago to create a Standing/Greeting area to reduce the congestion in the immediate area of the Meadow Street entrance.   Planned changes will create a glassed-in space to help support interaction among our congregation in a more open area.

In addition to our Stand-up/Greeting ministry, changes in this area will also result in improvements for Adult Sunday School classes and conference rooms.  Participants in this session suggested that we consider naming one of the new Sunday School classrooms for Cecil Gholston.  They also recommended that the construction committee review the size of the new classrooms and conference rooms in the current drawings to be sure that the size meets the need.

This walking tour included discussion about changes planned for the area of the current Church offices.   There is a possibility that this area will provide space for a climate-controlled history room and a new library.  The group agreed that there is a need for a conference room that can be used at the time of Sunday School, so the additional conference room space would be beneficial.  Elevation changes around the offices and work room are also to be addressed.

One of the general questions asked was related to parking during construction.  The Construction Management Team will create specific plans to minimize impact on parking for our congregation and Fan neighbors in all stages of construction.  For example, when the row houses are taken down, some alley and parking lot space will be needed.  After the houses are completed removed, construction parking will be created in that space.  Also, a dumpster will be placed on Grove Avenue until the houses are down.   Communication about any parking impact will be a priority of the Construction & Renovation Committee.

Thanks to all of those who attended our recent session for their open participation.  Exchanging ideas is key to our long-term success.  Please plan to attend our next two sessions:  October 19th—Childcare & Youth Ministries and November 2nd—Summer Program/ Mission Ministries (including parsonage space).

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