In our recent church Business Meeting, Nelson Melton, Construction & Renovation Committee Chairman, presented an update regarding our God-Sized Vision campaign.  Meeting participants heard about changes planned for the basement/Fellowship Hall area as well as the First Floor/Sunday School Classroom area.  Those present were also given the opportunity to ask questions that they had about this significant project.  Below are a couple of those questions and a summary of the responses provided (questions are paraphrased):

  • “I would like to have a more detailed view of the project and the associated time line.  Where and when will that be provided to me and the rest of the congregation?”
    The Construction & Renovation Committee has created a PowerPoint/video presentation that provides an update to be shared with our congregation.  We plan to have it on display in the very near future.  Included in that progress report is an estimated time line.  This information will be updated regularly as we confirm more details regarding each phase of the initiative.  David Wolf and Jay Hartman are working to place a video monitor in the hallway near the Meadow Street entrance.  This monitor will be used for not only updates for our Embracing a God-Sized Vision campaign, but other information of interest to the congregation from time to time.
  • How much money has the campaign raised to date?”
    As of the end December 2014 we have collected $617,051.13 of the approximately $1.4 million dollars committed by our congregation.  We are so very appreciative of everyone’s contributions!

Please check each edition of the TAB for additional information about our construction and renovation efforts.  The TAB is a key method of communication for the committee.  Also look for displays in areas of the church impacted by upcoming renovation activities.

Your input is always welcomed.  Contact Donna Soyars, our Communcations sub-committee chairperson, if you have any additional ideas for how we can get the message out to our congregation about any aspect of Tabernacle’s Embracing a God-Sized Vision.

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