I was first introduced to Tabernacle when I was working as a Bible Study Leader for Passport camps. Several of the students from the church were in my bible study group. Who knew that 3 years later I would end up at Tabernacle for worship. I started attending Tabernacle because several of my friends at BTSR worshipped here.

My first Sunday in Richmond, I just showed up for worship. I was instantly greeted by church members who were so excited that I was visiting. I continued to attend. After a few weeks, an opportunity to work with young children was made available. While I love people of all ages, infants through elementary school are definitely where it clicks for me. I hope to be a children’s minister once I complete my education at BTSR.

When Sterling asked if I would be interested in working with the preschool ages on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, I jumped at the chance. I love seeing how excited the children get for Godly Play on Wednesdays, and how the teachers on Sunday mornings are able to incorporate learning and play in a way that the children can relate to.

The goal of Tabernacle is that whenever there are children in the building that they will be learning about Christ in some way. I have seen this every week as I work with the children. Tabernacle is doing so many exciting things, and I am so proud to be a part of it.

Kristen Koger

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