I look back at all of the pictures taken during the time I was at Tabernacle and they give me warm feelings of people who genuinely poured into my life as a Christian and as one who was pursuing ministry. The way that members of Tabernacle loved my wife, Cristy and our daughter, Abi is a great testament to what God is doing in this church. We are thankful for the years we were able to experience at the church and we will always feel like we have a home to come back to, God willing.

Our fondest memories of our time at Tabernacle always include the wonderful extended family we found in the International families. The privilege of working alongside such faithful people has definitely shaped our roles as ministers and how we interact with people here. We know that God placed us in Richmond for the time that He did to mold us and give us a base from which to stand. Moving to Hawaii was not a decision that we made lightly, but we knew that God had equipped us to move forward, much in part due to the faith formation we received at Tabernacle. Tabernacle Baptist Church continues to inspire us as we do ministry here and we know we are forever impacted because of its role in our lives.

Rev. Eric Hasha

Eric was ordained at Tabernacle Baptist Church on April 25, 2010 and currently serves as Associate Pastor for Youth and Young Adults, University Avenue Baptist Church, Hawaii.



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