This is the thirteenth and final session of our fall 2015 Wednesday night Adult series. Our topic this week is “Toward a New Theology of Sexuality.” We’re making these podcasts available if you were unable to join us on Wednesday nights in the fellowship hall. You are also invited to join us this coming Sunday morning (Dec. 13, 2015) from 9:30 to 10:15am in the parlor to discuss this previous Wednesday’s topic. This session will be led by Rev. Kristen Koger.


  • What is one of your biggest takeaways from this series? (What was especially significant for you? What is one new idea you now have?)
  • How has this series made you uncomfortable, stretched you, or pushed your buttons?
  • How has this series changed what you think a healthy sexuality looks like?
  • How has this series shaped how you think about the role of the church in matters of sexuality?
  • What lingering question or questions do you have, or what is one issue that you will continue to wrestle with?
  • Has this study created or revealed a gap in your formal and functional theologies related to some aspect of sexuality? What might you need to do to close the gap?

*NOTE: We were unable to capture the audio recording of the Wednesday evening program this week due to a technology glitch. Art Wright recorded a summary of the presentation and discussion, and that recording is available here for our weekly podcast.**

EVALUATIONS: We would be grateful if you would click through this link to complete an evaluation of this series. We are looking for your honest assessment. This feedback will help us as we reflect on the series, as Tracy Hartman prepares to teach a seminary course on this topic, and as other churches think about having similar conversations.

RESOURCE LIST: Tracy Hartman and Art Wright have complied a list of resources that they found helpful as they prepared for this series. You can download a pdf of this resource by clicking here (the file will download from Dropbox). Please note that Tracy and Art attempted to pull in a variety of perspectives as they researched and prepared for the weekly topics.  Neither they nor TBC necessarily endorse every view represented in this resource list. The list is lengthy; if you have specific questions or interests, please consider emailing us and we can direct you to specific resources appropriate for your interests or questions.

Schedule and Previous Podcasts from the Series:

Introductions and Context
September 9
Week 1 – Introduction, Ground Rules, and Big Questions

September 16
Week 2 – Sexuality and Objectification in Contemporary Culture

Sex and Sexuality in the Bible
September 23
Week 3 – Sex and Sexuality in the Old Testament, part 1

September 30
Week 4 – Sex and Sexuality in the Old Testament, part 2

October 7
Week 5 – Sex and Sexuality in the New Testament, part 1

October 14
Week 6 – Sex and Sexuality in the New Testament, part 2

Healthy Sexual Relationships Today
October 21
Week 7 – The Biology of Sexuality

October 28
Week 8 – Sex and Marriage

November 4
Week 9 – How to Talk to your Young Children about Sex and Sexuality

November 11
Week 10 – How to Talk to your Teenagers about Sex and Sexuality

November 18
Week 11 – How to have Difficult Conversations

December 2
Week 12 – Dealing with Shame and Guilt

December 9
Week 13 – Toward a New Theology of Sexuality (Closing session)

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