I have been terrified of needles my entire life. However, I’m actively trying to conquer my fear and I got brave enough to try donating blood at a blood drive in December. It was nowhere near as awful as I anticipated (I have a great imagination) and I actually really enjoyed my experience for a number of reasons. There is something incredibly special about knowing that the blood you are giving is going to help someone who really needs it because they are potentially undergoing a surgery, transplant, dealing with a chronic illnesses, blood disorders or cancer. As you are donating, it is a wonderful opportunity to say a prayer of thanksgiving for good health. It is also a special time to ask God to bless the blood you are donating as an offering and pray for God’s healing for the person who will be receiving it.

My Mom has worked at Retreat Doctor’s Hospital for over 30 years. When she told me about the blood drive there on Wednesday March 4th before our Wednesday night activities at church I was excited because I realized what a great opportunity this was for us as a church to participate in.  We have been focusing on loving our neighbor. What better way to demonstrate our love of neighbor as Christians than to give them our blood, something that Christ did for us on the cross? So please consider participating in the blood drive at Retreat Hospital. I’ve signed up to be there at 1:15 so maybe I’ll see you there!

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