SATURDAY: Community Ministry will be open as we know that our neighbors are in the need of the food that will be distributed. Volunteers that are over the age of 60, younger than middle school, or have compromised immune systems and/or heart and lung issues are requested to stay home. We want to keep you safe!  We know that we will need help tomorrow. Please click here for the specifics.  If you are showing ANY sign of sickness, please stay home. Many of our neighbors that will come to receive food are over the age of 60. 


Sunday school will be available via Zoom. We’ll post the link and also instructions by 5 p.m. on Saturday. 

The Neighborhood Listening Project Orientation Breakfast has been postponed until early April. That said, say posted for some fun videos in the next couple of weeks. 

We will worship via the Livestream. The service will be interactive, we will post song lyrics/stanzas, etc. A “talk back” will be available, after the service, for anyone that wants to hop over to Zoom. 

It is important for us to continue to create space for our brothers and sisters from Burma. Thus, Lisu Grace will be invited to use the Blue Room, but under rigid boundaries contained to the blue room. 


  • Church Staff will be present in the building, during regular business hours. That said, please don’t assume that you will be able to access the building.  Please call first! 
  • Our Child Care Center Ministry is officially closed for the next two weeks. Full-time employees of the Center will be in the Center/Nursery area for deep cleaning of space and training. 
  • One of the ways we can offer care for our community is using space to support local business owners. We have 2 different music teachers that offer one-on-one classes in our building. They will offer instruction in specific classrooms on the 1st level of the main building. Signage will be posted and all other rooms will be locked for safety purposes. 


  • The Richmond Concert Band will be on official hiatus for the next two weeks.
  • The Administrative Board will meet via Zoom (Expect instructions by 5 p.m. on Monday) 

WEDNESDAY: The Pastoral Staff will create an online interactive program for children, youth, and adults alike. We will likely use both zoom and livestream.  (Expect details and instructions by Tuesday at 5 pm)

THURSDAY AND FRIDAY: We will publish a schedule for the week ahead. 

Click here to access a 20 minute video explaining the decision-making process, what to expect next, and opportunities we’re praying about. 

The church website and our Free Church App are your best two sources for up-to-date information. 

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