The Personnel Committee closed out 2018 with a very successful and blessed year of service to the staff and congregation of Tabernacle. The annual staff performance evaluations and 2019 budget were completed and approved. The committee made great progress in its effort to revise the TBC Personnel Policy Manual. It is a project in its final stages and is expected to be completed sometime in 2019. An effort to revise the Job descriptions of the Financial Assistant and Custodian is now in the works.

We are very pleased with the smooth transition of Tabernacle office staff reporting from the Personnel Committee to the Associate Pastor, Meg Lacy. 2018 turned out to be a very busy and fruitful year of many staff changes and additions that the Church has not experienced in recent memory. A special thank you to the 2018 committee members: Kyle Kennedy, Penny Jenkins, Mary-Curtis Powell and Linda Harlow for their dedicated devotion and broad scope of talents and experience each brings to our committee. A special thank you to Hope Cutchins, Susan Lumpkin and Vincent Sallie for the amazing service and devotion each provides to our Church and congregants. Each of these loving servants are truly irreplaceable.

A special thank you is also extended to Allen Lowery, Jacque Green and Terry McMahon for filling in to serve as the temporary Communications Coordinator at a time when the Church office really needed an experienced professional in this field to get through a crucial passage in the life our Church.

We look forward to a very blessed and prosperous 2019 Church year.

Love, In Christ,
William Welstead

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