Sunday, April 26 | Third Sunday of Easter

we’re glad you can join us for worship!

This worship guide is meant to be a companion to the Livestream service. You can join us live at 11am on Sunday morning, or watch the recorded service later, following along with the words to hymns, etc. in a separate window or on your phone, or print this guide out if you like!

PRELUDE: Judy Fiske

CALL TO WORSHIP: “We have not seen…and we believe” (Joseph T. Nolan)

We believe in God whom we do not see because of Jesus who was seen and people who live by His Spirit.
We believe in God whom we do not see because of truth and beauty, love, goodness, and integrity, which make the divine a part of human life.
We believe in a heaven we have not seen because love is stronger that death and all our hopes cannot find fulfillment in this life.
We believe in the Spirit we cannot see because we see the Creator Spirit at work in our lives and hear the Spirit’s voice in our silence.
We believe in the earth and its people in spite of the evil we see because we have shared their goodness.
We believe in a providence we do not always see because God made us, and here we are, with ten billion years behind us.
We believe in the resurrection in spite of the death we see because we have been raised up many times, and passed from death to life.
We believe in God whom we do not see because of the One who said, “He who sees me sees the Father.”
We have seen him in our humanity, in His risen body, and we believe.

HYMN #606: “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High”

Lord, I lift Your name on high,
Lord, I love to sing Your praises
I’m so glad Your’re in my life,
I’m so glad You came to save us!
You came from heaven to earth to show the way;
from the earth to the cross, my debt to pay.
From the cross to the grave, from the grave to the sky,
Lord, I lift Your name on high.


Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed by Thy Name.Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.

Gospel Reading: John 20:19-29

SOLO: Anna Tuckwiller, ““I Never Leave Your Hands” by JJ Heller

HYMN #196: “Alleluia No. 1”

Chorus: Alleluia, alleluia! Give thanks to the risen Lord.
Alleluia, alleluia! Give praise to His name.

V.1:  Jesus is Lord of all the earth. He is the King of creation.

Chorus: Alleluia, alleluia! Give thanks to the risen Lord.
Alleluia, alleluia! Give praise to His name.

V. 2: Spread the good news o’er all the earth; Jesus has died and has risen.

Chorus: Alleluia, alleluia! Give thanks to the risen Lord.
Alleluia, alleluia! Give praise to His name.


Praise God from whom all blessings flow,
praise Him all creatures here below,
praise Him above ye heavenly hosts,
praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

We hope you’ll join us this afternoon at 2PM for our quarterly Church-Wide Business Meeting! Members and visitors are welcome; this is a key opportunity to participate in the life of our church. This will be one of the more unique business meetings we’ve had over the last 130+ years, but we look forward to praying together, celebrating the ways God is at work among us, and offering updates on our financial status and other operations of the church. We encourage you to read through the written reports before the meeting.

We also have a need for members to vote before 5PM today on a decision about whether or not to accept funding from the CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program in order to help with payroll expenses for our Childcare Center Ministry and church staff. Additional information and instructions for voting are available in video and audio formats, as well as a written Q&A, here.

Whether you’ve been coming to Tabernacle for years, or just started worshiping with us online recently, we are glad you’re here, and invite you to participate in other opportunities for fellowship and discipleship as well! There are several new groups starting up or starting new studies, and our Community Ministry is actively serving neighbors on a weekly basis. The Soul Care Project is a new digital series that started this week. It will offer a weekly theme promoting practices to help us care for our souls by connection with ourselves, God, and the world. We encourage you to listen to this week’s podcast and interact with the resources available on our Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Kitchen Team Report: January 2019

The Kitchen Team coordinates the Fellowship Meals on Wednesday nights during the program season of the church year—September-May. The team also helps to coordinate receptions, meals for special events such as business meetings and the Fan Feast and the cleaning and care of the kitchen and eating areas of the Fellowship Hall. The members of this team serve faithfully each week to make sure that meals are served that both taste good and are affordable. Bonnie Bailey, Priscilla, Joey and Paul Kinchen, Gerry Spiller, Peggy Strong, Tara Neely, Connie Jones and Linda and Jack White have served as the mainstays of this committee for several years. Anita McCarty, Woody Jenkins, Meg Lacy and John Burgess served on Wednesday evenings as our “cashier.” Vincent Salley has been an important staff person to assist this team. Vincent is often helping to cook and plan menus as well as helping to make sure the space is clean and “critter” free. This ministry is both budgeted and supported by the payments for meals each Wednesday. It has been a great help to have the “Square” available each week to help them as they take payments. We work hard to stay within the budget. The budget for the team includes all of the paper goods used in the kitchen. This includes paper plates, cups, utensils and paper towels as well as coffee and tea. This year’s menus have been set out in a six-week rotation so we know what is for dinner a long time in advance. We are now cooking for over 100 people
each Wednesday evening and 150 when we have a business meeting. We use all of the really big pots!

The kitchen continues to see a large increase in use as our International congregations often have meals as a part their events. Tabernacle Child Care Center uses it each weekday to prepare the meals for their children and staff. TCCC continues to eat their lunches in our Fellowship Hall. Groups that stay in the building sometimes prepare their meals in the kitchen. Tabernacle has served as the host facility this year for events held by several other non-profit groups including Re-establish Richmond. We are often cooking in shifts, cleaning as we go so that the next group can prepare for their event. The equipment and space are well used.

The tile floor was replaced in August. This involved moving all of the appliances so the floor could be replaced. We found out exactly how heavy that great big stove is. It now sits on a specially covered section of the floor. The week of December 9th both the very old refrigerator and the very old coffee maker breathed their last. We arranged for TCCC to use one of the Food Pantry refrigerators for a couple of weeks while arrangements were made to purchase a new refrigerator. We suffered without coffee for several weeks. The new refrigerator arrived January 3rd and the new coffee maker was functional on January 11th.

We are blessed to have a great kitchen and serving space—you should come volunteer to serve on the kitchen team! We don’t have a lot of meetings, but are likely to be together cooking and cleaning. If you are not afraid of a BIG pot containing a lot of food then the kitchen is the place to be! The best conversation is always had in the kitchen—-just like at home!

Dr. Judy Fiske
Minister of Music/Worship/Organist
Decent Cook—Terrible Dishwasher
Chief Procurement Officer

Decorating Team and Facility Use Report: January 2019


The Decorating Team is responsible for approving and selecting furnishings for the church as well as approving any cosmetic changes for decorating that is done throughout the building. Sometimes this requires working hand in hand with the Buildings and Ground Committee. We are also responsible for maintaining the appearance of the outside exterior.

The team is responsible for maintaining the church silver, making sure that it is polished and locked in a safe place when not being used. Someone on the team must be available when the silver is being used. We also maintain the oil candles in the sanctuary.

We only place flowers in the sanctuary when there is a request for flowers in honor or memory of a loved one. There is a sign-up sheet that is outside of the communication office where you may sign up for flowers. The cost is $50 for 2 arrangements and can be ordered by contacting a member of the Decorating Team or signing up on the sheet. We will make sure that they will be placed in the sanctuary for the particular date you want. We welcome your request as many people like to see live flowers in the sanctuary.

Each year the Decorating Team is responsible for decorating the sanctuary for the Christmas and Easter season. This requires many volunteers with many talents. We always manage to have a good group to volunteer. A big thanks to Barbara Satterwhite, Doris Kelley, Anita McCarty, Mary Melton, Lin and Ellen Fleming, Paul Fernald, Bill and Gail Welstead, Bill and Jean Finley, Jerry Jones, Ken and Jenny Honings, Pat Petree, Vincent Sallie, and Peggy Strong.

We appreciate so much the talents of Anita McCarty, Pat Petree and Lugene Fernald for making some of the beautiful Chrismons that have been added to the Christmas tree.

Thanks also to Vincent Sallie and Lin Fleming for taking care of the shrubs around the building.

The sanctuary is also decorated for Epiphany, Lent and Pentecost. Judy Fiske and Sterling Severns along with volunteers do a great job decorating for these events.

The members of the Decorating Team are Mary Melton, Barbara Satterwhite, Gail Welstead and Peggy Strong.


The Facility Use Team is an outreach ministry of the church that receives many requests throughout the year to use our facilities for meetings, music lessons, mission trips, baby and bridal showers, overnight stays, weddings and rehearsals, meals for various groups, and musical concerts. We are responsible for working out the logistics with the group to make sure we receive a facility use form, certificate of insurance and their contribution if one is required. In some instances, there is no contribution due to a hardship or other circumstances. We are also responsible for drawing up contracts each year for Grove Avenue Piano and The Richmond Concert Band.

Groups requesting space receive a packet that includes the guide lines for using the facility, a sheet with suggested contributions for various space use, and a form to fill out with information that includes the space they are requesting, the number of people and the dates they are planning to be at the church. Once the form is returned to the team a member will then contact the lead person to work out the logistics and check for any other needs they may have. The event is then placed on the church calendar so there are no conflicts on that date. A team member meets with the person or the group when they arrive to go over the guidelines for using the space and to take them on a tour of the area they will be using.

The contributions that we receive are split — 2/3rds to current expense to offset the expense of lights, heat, air conditioning and use of restrooms and showers leaving 1/3rd of the contribution going to the Refurbishment Fund. Funds from the Refurbishment Fund are normally used for special projects that enhance the appearance of the church, mostly in the sanctuary. Some of the projects done in the past included reupholstering the chairs in the sanctuary, installing carpet throughout the main floor of the office area as well as the stairs going to the basement and to the balcony and replacing the closures on the sanctuary doors. In the near future we are hoping to purchase new cushions for the pews and eventually new carpet. We are very close to being able to purchase the new cushions.

Each year between July and September the Facility Use Team meets to review and make any changes necessary. At present the Richmond Concert Band is the only permanent group using the facility. The Grove Avenue Piano School also uses the building for piano lessons but is an independent business.

Events and groups hosted in 2018:

  • City Singers Youth Choir
  • 5th Wall Theater rehearsal
  • Sharon Kronstadt Piano Recitals
  • Shepherd’s Staff Ministry Counseling
  • Richmond Concert Chorale performance
  • Impact Team Mission Camp
  • Lowery Wedding Rehearsal Dinner and Reception
  • King’s Fest Lodging
  • Wake Forest Youth Choir Music Mission Trip
  • Baby Shower for Mary and Minyar
  • Firehouse Theatre Rehearsal
  • Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Leadership Team Coaching Session.
  • ReEstablish Richmond – Conflict Resolution Training
  • Restorative Yoga Class

Facility Use Team
Peggy Strong
Bonnie Bailey

Metro Baptish Church Partnership Report: January 2019


Tabernacle has worked in partnership with Metro Baptist Church, 410 West 40th St. New York New York for more than 25 years. We have provided leadership for their summer camps, sent them interns and staff members, cooked Thanksgiving and Christmas meals with them, hosted their youth retreat and assisted in the 9th Ave Food Festival to help their youth raise funds for Passport Camp.

For our first Metro trip in 2018 Nathan Hatfield, Terry Witt, Emily Witt and Kathryn Hall assisted with cooking for the 9th Ave Food Festival. They traveled to NYC on May 4-6 to cook with the teens before the food festival. The Teen Center youth attend Passport Camp in the summer and make a large amount of their camp money at this event.

In 2018 we partnered with Jenny Hodge of Churchland Baptist in Chesapeake, Va. to provide leadership for the fifth week of Clue Camp July 28-August 4. This year our team consisted of teens Monica Iang, Raquel Turner, Kekoa Burgess, Kanoa Burgess, Emily Painter, Preston Lowery, K’paw Mu Htoo and Brynne Severns, to help the adults, Sarah Anne Burgess, Emily Witt, Terry Witt, Bridget Fulks, Bonnie Dance and Tony Williams lead camp. Dylan Burgess, Meg Lacy and Nathan Hatfield joined us for our last two days in New York City. This was the first time in many years that this many teens have helped lead Clue Camp. They were awesome.

The week of November 19-23 a group from Tabernacle worked with volunteers from Metro, the Metro community and the First Baptist Church of Elkin, NC to cook a Thanksgiving meal for over 250 people. We cooked 18 20 LB turkeys, green beans, sweet potato casserole, cheese muffins, gravy, so much gravy, and dressing. The team consisted of Judy Fiske, Nathan Hatfield, Terry Witt, Bonnie Bailey and Zoe Jamerson. They worked hard as I ended up in bed all day on Thanksgiving with a fever and sore throat! A team returned December 20-22 to help cook the turkeys for the Christmas Day meal. This team was led by Jessica Corbitt and consisted of Hope, Chris, Emma and CJ Nycum, Jessica and Millie Corbitt, Maria and David McGraw, Mark and Parker Snipes and Ashley and Jay Fullerton. This team cooked about 300 lbs. of turkey and 4 apple cobblers to help prepare for the December 25th meal.

Tabernacle continued in 2018 to participate in helping to fund a position for a missionary at Metro through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Lesley-Ann Hix Tommey currently fills this position. In 2018 we also paid for the turkeys for their Thanksgiving meal as well as cooking them!

This year we will again travel in May to assist with Food Festival, lead the sixth week of Clue Camp and cook at Thanksgiving and Christmas again. Plan to join in on one of these trips or make a donation to help someone else attend. None of these mission trips are included in the church budget. These activities are funded by the participants, fund raisers and donations. If you want to make donations to help with the expenses of these mission trips—gas, tolls, materials for camps and meals for Metro programs you may make a donation to the Metro Mission Trip Savings Account, 100-320.550 These funds are used only for these expenses. People who participate in these trips pay for all of their food, make a donation to Metro for housing and cover all of their entertainment costs, no donated funds are used for personal expenses in NYC.

Dates for 2019:
9th Ave Food Festival: May 18-19—-leave on May 16, return on May 19 or 20. (tentative)
Clue Camp: August 3- August 10
Thanksgiving: November 24-29
Christmas: December 19-21

Food Pantry and Clothes Closet Report: January 2019


The pantry’s The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) moved to the first Saturday of every month to allow for a new program, Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP), to start. CSFP is currently available to seniors 60+ during the usual Thursday time slot. The clothes closet is under a revision process and currently only opens on the first Saturdays.

There are currently 85 seniors signed up for CSFP at Tabernacle Baptist. CSFP is:

  • WHAT: CSFP supports the nutritional needs of low-income individuals by providing wholesome food to supplement their diet, while helping stretch their food dollars.”
  • WHO: “low-income seniors at least 60 years of age who are at risk of and vulnerable to malnutrition.”
  • DETAILS: “Boxes include a variety of canned items (e.g., fruit, vegetables, meat or fish), bottled juice, shelf-stable and instant dry milk, cheese, pasta or rice, dry beans or peanut butter and cereal.”

The TEFAP food program at Tabernacle had 1253 total visits in 2018. TEFAP is open to those who qualify for emergency assistance food. This is a bag filled with 2-3 days of food. No one walks out empty handed that asks for food. If someone does not qualify for TEFAP or CSFP the church has their own food pantry to help with those needs.

The food pantry and clothes closet had many volunteers this year. I could list them all, but I fear I would miss someone. Thank you to each person who helped serve the community. Thank you to the USDA delivery team that helps unload the Feed More truck each month. Thank you, Vincent, for all you do to help the pantry. Thank you, Thursday crew, and the Saturday crew for serving in the pantry and clothes closet. Thank you to various church groups, local schools, and business teams that volunteer their time to Tabernacle’s pantry. Thank you to everyone that donated items to the pantry and clothes closet throughout the year.

Hope Nycum
Hunger Ministries Director

Personnel Committee Report: January 2019

The Personnel Committee closed out 2018 with a very successful and blessed year of service to the staff and congregation of Tabernacle. The annual staff performance evaluations and 2019 budget were completed and approved. The committee made great progress in its effort to revise the TBC Personnel Policy Manual. It is a project in its final stages and is expected to be completed sometime in 2019. An effort to revise the Job descriptions of the Financial Assistant and Custodian is now in the works.

We are very pleased with the smooth transition of Tabernacle office staff reporting from the Personnel Committee to the Associate Pastor, Meg Lacy. 2018 turned out to be a very busy and fruitful year of many staff changes and additions that the Church has not experienced in recent memory. A special thank you to the 2018 committee members: Kyle Kennedy, Penny Jenkins, Mary-Curtis Powell and Linda Harlow for their dedicated devotion and broad scope of talents and experience each brings to our committee. A special thank you to Hope Cutchins, Susan Lumpkin and Vincent Sallie for the amazing service and devotion each provides to our Church and congregants. Each of these loving servants are truly irreplaceable.

A special thank you is also extended to Allen Lowery, Jacque Green and Terry McMahon for filling in to serve as the temporary Communications Coordinator at a time when the Church office really needed an experienced professional in this field to get through a crucial passage in the life our Church.

We look forward to a very blessed and prosperous 2019 Church year.

Love, In Christ,
William Welstead

Construction and Renovations Committee Report: January 2019


Row Houses Subcommittee Report: Nelson Melton

The calendar year of 2018 began with Tabernacle’s congregation voting to move forward with the major remodeling of the two row houses, adjacent to the main church building.

The positive vote by the congregation necessitated the Church move forward with regulatory actions which needed approval from the City of Richmond planning authorities and Richmond City Council to alter the two row houses into residential housing units.

A special use permit (SUP) needing approval involved both the Church’s child care function along with the two row houses. The child care’s SUP was approved first, and then at the suggestion of Richmond City authorities and with the advice of the Church’s legal counsel, the SUP approved for the child care operation was amended, granting the Church authority to convert the two row houses into residential apartments. The amended SUP was approved on November 13, 2018.

During the first part of 2018 the Church approved moving forward to borrow $400,000 from the Baptist Extension Board (BEB). This loan was approved by the BEB in February, 2018 and will be used to pay for a portion of the remodeling work on the two row houses. In addition, a part of the God Size Vision funds will be used to pay the balance of the cost of the remodeling the two row houses not covered by the loan from the Baptist Extension Board. The remainder of the GSV funds will be used for improvements in the main Church building, with a small amount of funds used to improve the first floor and second floor of the Child Care function. The majority of the funds designated for the Child Care operation will be used for a new parent entrance on the east side of the William’s building. This new entrance was caused by the elimination of the old entrance into the William’s building by
the remodeling of the two row houses.

During the first half of 2018, a myriad of legal paper work to create two limited liability corporations was approved by the Church and put in place with the State of Virginia Corporation Commission. The two organizations were titled, 1913 Grove Avenue LLC and 1915 Grove Avenue LLC and will hold legal title to the two row houses.

As the year of 2018 moved toward closing, the Church’s contractor, Eliot Clark, began preparations to begin the remodeling work on the two row houses. Legal documents which will manage the loan relationship with the Baptist Extension Board were received and were under review as the year drew to an end.

Williams Building Subcommittee: Donna Soyars

Our accomplishments with renovations in the Williams Building have been steady over the past year. Our most important change was to create a new entranceway for our TCCC families to create a safer and more private access as row house construction and renovation begins. We are very pleased with the outcome of these efforts and quite grateful to Jay Hartman and his team for their support.

Funds utilized to date are close to our budgeted amount, understanding that there were additional, unforeseen improvements that had to be made as we worked out the details of each change. We will continue to prioritize our efforts for the benefit of those who use the Williams Building and maximize how much we can accomplish within our $45,000 budget.

Please address any questions related to this project and what we are planning for 2019 to Donna or Jim Soyars.

Main Building Subcommittee: John Gass

Renovations to our main church facilities have begun with the major basement-level renovations completed. Additional designs are underway and are being priced for feasibility within our fixed budget.

TCCC Report: January 2019


2018 was an exciting year for TCCC as we welcomed our new Director, Kristen OSullivan in January, upon the retirement of Frances Thrift after her 26 years of devoted leadership and ministry. Highlights of this transitional and transformative year including the following.

January 2018

  • The children of TCCC began attending weekly Chapel. Facilitators include the child care director and church pastoral staff.
  • A monthly bible verse promoting the teachings and education within the classroom unifying the message each month by staff of the church and center was implemented.
  • Epi-pen and allergy training was conducted for all staff. Emergency allergy information was posted in all classrooms where necessary.
  • Emergency Go-Kits were created to house emergency supplies and documents needed to go with staff during any emergency incident.
  • Digital database for families and enrolled children was created.

February 2018

  • Pre-K hosted its 100 Day of School Party.
  • Emergency Policy and Procedure Binders were created and added to all classrooms and the church office.
  • Staff participated in full day professional development taking a full day to become certified in CPR/First Aid.
  • New statewide fingerprinting process was implemented requiring all existing employees participate in fingerprinting program through FieldPrint.

March 2018

  • TCCC was granted a special use permit providing a waiver from City zoning requirements.
  • Exit doors were added to all classrooms as required by licensure and in preparation of increasing occupancy.
  • Staff participated in professional development/training focused on positive reinforcements/incentives and logical/natural consequences.
  • TBC hosted its annual Easter Egg Hunt attended by many TCCC families.

April 2018

  • TCCC staff member Catherine Chop completed training to be the Certified Food Manager.
  • Staff participated in professional development/training focused food and nutritional safety procedures.

May 2018

  • A new certificate of occupancy was awarded to accommodate up to 80 children and 28 staff.
  • TCCC celebrated its teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. The parents helped to treat the teachers to lunches, snacks, and coffee throughout the week.
  • The 2017-18, Pre-K class held their graduation ceremony at the end of May. Families, church members, previous staff, and former director Frances Thrift were in attendance. Portraits were completed by Sterling and presented to the children as gifts from the church during the ceremony.

June 2018

  • HVAC: new units were installed for the Williams Building first floor. These costs were covered by the child care center.
  • Smoke Alarms were updated throughout the 1st and 2nd floors of the WIlliams Building.
  • TCCC’s Leave Policy was updated, including the addition of a Parental Leave Policy.
  • TCCC’s Paid Time Off (PTO) and carry-over policy was fine-tuned, with online tracking of earned time and an addendum added to the Employee Personnel Manual.

July 2018

  • A Scholarship Committee was formed as a sub-committee of the TCCC Ministry Committee.
    • A Scholarship Mission statement was developed.
    • A Scholarship Agreement was developed and shared with three potential scholarship families. All three children accepted the offer. Other families were contacted, but transportation to and from the center on a daily basis was a hindrance.
    • The Scholarship Committee will continue building a process timeline to establish practices and protocol for the 2019-2020 academic year.
  • In January, full time employees were offered the opportunity to earn an additional employment bonus based on six months of employment and positive performance appraisals at the conclusion of the new director’s six months in service. In July, ten out of eleven employees remained employed during the transition period and received bonuses to recognize the added efforts and support they have shown.
  • Tadpoles, a communication and record keeping software program based on iPads, was piloted in two classrooms.
  • Rock Band hosted by Grove Avenue Piano was offered as an afternoon enrichment program for the summer.
  • TCCC incorporated eco-friendly sugarcane paper products such as snack bowls and plates.

August 2018

  • Pre-K and Yellow Room classes participated in group swim lessons via the YMCA, transportation by the Richmond City busses.
  • Pre-K and Yellow Room classes completed a neighborhood scavenger hunt ending in a pizza party at nearby Joe’s Inn.
  • Building permit was issued for William’s Building entryway.
  • A new floor was installed in the kitchen as required for the Richmond Health Department for child care licensing purposes. TCCC and the church shared this project’s cost equally.
  • Digital exit-interview offered to previously employed personnel was developed.
  • Staff participated in professional development/training focused on child development and behaviors, specifically biting and preventative measures.

September 2018

  • Due to increased rigor in education practices and a demand in services, TCCC expanded programming to offer a Junior Kindergarten classroom for older 4 and 5-year-olds, beginning September 2018.
    • There are now two classrooms, each with a licensed teacher and one assistant on the second floor of the Williams Building.
    • An open house for the Pre-K and JK was held in August to meet the new teachers and answer questions.
    • The JK room was painted, furniture was refinished, and the new classroom was opened.
  • A new sandbox was added to the playground to make way for row house renovations and TCCC new entry. The TCCC storage shed was relocated.
  • After piloting, Tadpoles was deemed a positive resource. iPads were purchased for each class and staff began training and using the program.
  • Yoga was added as an enrichment program.
  • Henrico County and the City of Richmond were hit with several tornadoes and the area was under tornado warnings. TCCC staff and children took shelter in various church and center locations for the duration of the event.

October 2018

  • TCCC staff hosted the annual Fall Festival, offering games, music, and snacks for all the families of TCCC.
  • Fawn Tin Par became a U.S. citizen in 2018. Her ceremony took place on 10.17.2018 and was attended by TCCC staff and church members.
  • Staff participated in professional development/training focused on human/child rights.
  • A new wall added to the center to create an entryway/lobby area entering to the playground that will serve as the new entry moving forward. Lights were added.
  • New mulch was added to the playground.

November 2018

  • A parenting seminar was hosted by TCCC for all families and church members. Susan Holt of Everyday Parenting Solutions spoke on the topic of parenting with boundaries.
  • A small gate was added to the back blacktop fencing. Playground fencing and gate was repaired. These costs will be covered by the child care center.
  • A new door was added to the lobby and the previous entry to Grove was closed permanently.
  • New Job Descriptions were approved and individuals were hired to fill the positions for Facilities Manager and 2nd Floor Janitor.
  • FunBus began additional enrichment classes for the Blue Room children aged 18 months to two years.
  • Digital request of recommendation for potential employee was developed.

December 2018

  • TCCC hosted its annual Christmas Pageant followed by snacks and hot cocoa, with a date change due to inclement weather.
  • The sleeping nooks in the baby room were painted.
  • A new door in the hall to Yellow Room was added given children direct access to bathrooms.
  • WiFi upgrade in the Williams Building to enhance the users’ experience with Tadpoles is in process.
  • With the addition of iPads in each classroom, digital versions of labor law posters, the Parent Handbook, Employee Personnel Manual, and program procedures and policies were added to an employee drive.
  • The church approved TCCC’s 2019 operating budget of $908,548, which assumes a 2019 enrollment of 79 children (including 4 Pre-K, JK scholarship students). TCCC’s year-end 2018 financial reports are available elsewhere in this document.

Respectfully submitted,
Kristen OSullivan, TCCC Director

TCCC Ministry Committee: Donna Soyars and Mollie Barton, church representatives; Faith Alejandro and Johnna Woods, parent representatives.

TCCC Administrative Committee: Kathy Allen and Jim Soyars, church representatives; David Brown and Jaime Wisegarver, parent representatives.

Board of Deacons Report: January 2019

The Board of Deacons for 2018 has met regularly throughout the year. This year the deacons continued to meet during the summer months in part because there were ongoing matters that needed the attention and action of the deacons. The final quarterly report for 2018 is included in the Appendix. For the purposes of this Annual Report allow me to highlight several significant matters with which the deacons dealt this year. Further details of deacon activities can be found in the quarterly reports.

  • The deacons agreed to focus on four “big picture” areas during the year: 1) marriage process; 2) Race relations; 3) Missional focus; 4) Relationship with our Burmese groups. The deacons tackled items 1 and 2 diligently, however, we did not do as well on items 3 and 4. These still need our attention, hopefully in the year to come. A Marriage Covenant/Process has been approved by the deacons for presentation to the congregation.
  • The deacons approved the hiring of Hope Nycum as Hunger Ministry Director, Hogan Brock as Youth Minister, and Jerusha Moses as Minister of Children and Families. We unanimously affirmed Jacque Brown Green for ordination to the gospel ministry.
  • Amanda Pohl volunteered to work with Woody Jenkins on reviewing the ministerial evaluation process and providing for model for use throughout Tabernacle. Significant progress has been made, although there is still much more work to be done. This will be a priority in the upcoming year.
  • After careful consideration of a proposed re-visioning of the deacon ministry structure, the deacons decided to move forward with implementation of this proposal on a trial basis in 2019.

On a personal note, I have been fortunate to have had this body of deacons with whom to serve this year. I cannot express adequately how thankful I am for their dedication and support throughout the year. I want to express special thanks to Laura Jones for serving as our secretary/treasurer for much of the year, to Alicia Phillips for stepping in to be our recording secretary, and to Katye Snipes for her faithful and devoted attention to her tasks and for filling in for me when I was away.

In Christ,
Woody Jenkins
Tabernacle Deacon Chair

Children’s Ministry Team Report: January 2019

CHILDREN’S MINISTRY TEAM REPORT: Rev. Dr. Jerusha Moses & Jessica Corbitt

It has been an exciting year for the Children’s Ministry at Tabernacle.
In the beginning of 2018, we began work to create and approve a new Part-Time position of Minister to Children and Families. The search team consisted of Jessica Corbitt, Mark Snipes, Karen Herman and Patrick Braford. We were thrilled to welcome the Rev. Jerusha Moses into our fold in September of 2018.
Our Sunday School classes have been faithfully led throughout 2018 by wonderful teachers. We continue to use the Deep Blue Kids Sunday School Curriculum. Our preschool class was led by Sara Anne Burgess and Mark Snipes. For our Elementary students, we have continued to use a rotation of teachers. The teachers included: Maria McGraw, Hope Nycum, April Kennedy, Katye Snipes, Laura Severns, Jonathan Barton, Emily Ball and Helen Davidson. We are grateful for their weekly leadership with our children. We continue to have paid nursery workers that support our weekly volunteers in the handling of our littlest ones. Dianna Faison and Kara Faison have done a wonderful job with their presence of consistency. It has been extremely helpful in guiding both the children and leaders in the nursery.
We have continued with our Worship Explorers curriculum for children in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. These children leave the worship service during the sermon for a short lesson focused on the Narrative Lectionary passage for the day. In the fall, we initiated our 6-week Everyone Worship curriculum, once again led by Penny Jenkins. This is a wonderful 6-week curriculum for children that are entering 3rd grade to help prepare them in engaging during the worship service. They study the various elements of worship as well as learn about the liturgical seasons.
Wednesday evenings have continued to be a busy time at Tabernacle. We continue to average about 40-50 children each week. We have Preschool Choir led by Helen Davidson, Charity Roberson and Larry Allen. The 1st and 2nd graders are led by Judy Fiske, Susan Braden and Kathy McGraw. Jessica Corbitt and Terry Witt lead the 3rd-5th graders. We have been incorporating both crafts and bible study into the choir time.
The Children’s Leadership Team planned various Fellowship Events throughout the year so that families could get to know one another as well as have fun together. These included things like Family Game Nights, Annual Easter Egg Hunt hosted by Judy Fiske, a Chili Cook Off, and a Breakfast in Bethlehem event.
We are grateful to each person that helps to support the blossoming children’s ministry at Tabernacle from nursery volunteers to drivers and everyone in between that are helping to guide our children. It is a blessing to see the halls full of children scurrying around and we continue to look for additional leaders to support this vibrant and vital ministry!

Jerusha Moses
Minister to Children and Families
The Children’s Ministry Team