The Decorating Team is responsible for approving and selecting furnishings for the church as well as approving any cosmetic changes for decorating that is done throughout the building. Sometimes this requires working hand in hand with the Buildings and Ground Committee. We are also responsible for maintaining the appearance of the outside exterior.

The team is responsible for maintaining the church silver, making sure that it is polished and locked in a safe place when not being used. Someone on the team must be available when the silver is being used. We also maintain the oil candles in the sanctuary.

We only place flowers in the sanctuary when there is a request for flowers in honor or memory of a loved one. There is a sign-up sheet that is outside of the communication office where you may sign up for flowers. The cost is $50 for 2 arrangements and can be ordered by contacting a member of the Decorating Team or signing up on the sheet. We will make sure that they will be placed in the sanctuary for the particular date you want. We welcome your request as many people like to see live flowers in the sanctuary.

Each year the Decorating Team is responsible for decorating the sanctuary for the Christmas and Easter season. This requires many volunteers with many talents. We always manage to have a good group to volunteer. A big thanks to Barbara Satterwhite, Doris Kelley, Anita McCarty, Mary Melton, Lin and Ellen Fleming, Paul Fernald, Bill and Gail Welstead, Bill and Jean Finley, Jerry Jones, Ken and Jenny Honings, Pat Petree, Vincent Sallie, and Peggy Strong.

We appreciate so much the talents of Anita McCarty, Pat Petree and Lugene Fernald for making some of the beautiful Chrismons that have been added to the Christmas tree.

Thanks also to Vincent Sallie and Lin Fleming for taking care of the shrubs around the building.

The sanctuary is also decorated for Epiphany, Lent and Pentecost. Judy Fiske and Sterling Severns along with volunteers do a great job decorating for these events.

The members of the Decorating Team are Mary Melton, Barbara Satterwhite, Gail Welstead and Peggy Strong.


The Facility Use Team is an outreach ministry of the church that receives many requests throughout the year to use our facilities for meetings, music lessons, mission trips, baby and bridal showers, overnight stays, weddings and rehearsals, meals for various groups, and musical concerts. We are responsible for working out the logistics with the group to make sure we receive a facility use form, certificate of insurance and their contribution if one is required. In some instances, there is no contribution due to a hardship or other circumstances. We are also responsible for drawing up contracts each year for Grove Avenue Piano and The Richmond Concert Band.

Groups requesting space receive a packet that includes the guide lines for using the facility, a sheet with suggested contributions for various space use, and a form to fill out with information that includes the space they are requesting, the number of people and the dates they are planning to be at the church. Once the form is returned to the team a member will then contact the lead person to work out the logistics and check for any other needs they may have. The event is then placed on the church calendar so there are no conflicts on that date. A team member meets with the person or the group when they arrive to go over the guidelines for using the space and to take them on a tour of the area they will be using.

The contributions that we receive are split — 2/3rds to current expense to offset the expense of lights, heat, air conditioning and use of restrooms and showers leaving 1/3rd of the contribution going to the Refurbishment Fund. Funds from the Refurbishment Fund are normally used for special projects that enhance the appearance of the church, mostly in the sanctuary. Some of the projects done in the past included reupholstering the chairs in the sanctuary, installing carpet throughout the main floor of the office area as well as the stairs going to the basement and to the balcony and replacing the closures on the sanctuary doors. In the near future we are hoping to purchase new cushions for the pews and eventually new carpet. We are very close to being able to purchase the new cushions.

Each year between July and September the Facility Use Team meets to review and make any changes necessary. At present the Richmond Concert Band is the only permanent group using the facility. The Grove Avenue Piano School also uses the building for piano lessons but is an independent business.

Events and groups hosted in 2018:

  • City Singers Youth Choir
  • 5th Wall Theater rehearsal
  • Sharon Kronstadt Piano Recitals
  • Shepherd’s Staff Ministry Counseling
  • Richmond Concert Chorale performance
  • Impact Team Mission Camp
  • Lowery Wedding Rehearsal Dinner and Reception
  • King’s Fest Lodging
  • Wake Forest Youth Choir Music Mission Trip
  • Baby Shower for Mary and Minyar
  • Firehouse Theatre Rehearsal
  • Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Leadership Team Coaching Session.
  • ReEstablish Richmond – Conflict Resolution Training
  • Restorative Yoga Class

Facility Use Team
Peggy Strong
Bonnie Bailey

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