Audio Recording of May 31 Q&A: ExCell + TBC Congregants

Topics featured in the recording include: Unique intent of informal partnership Details from Building and Grounds related to making 3rd floor more hospitable and safer What to expect on June 1 ballot ExCell Program introduction with Cindy Hutchinson (Director) Questions and Responses

Going Deeper: Communal Grief Part 1

Rev. Jacque Green reflects on communal grief in light of a world dealing with Covid-19. Articles and Books Mentioned in this Podcast: Doehring, Carrie. (2019). Searching for Wholeness Amidst Traumatic Grief: The Role of Spiritual Practices that Reveal Compassion in Embodied, Relational, and Transcendent Ways. Pastoral Psychology. 68.¬†Healing Our Hurts: Coping with Difficult Emotions, Daniel … Continue reading Going Deeper: Communal Grief Part 1

Pastoral Reflection: Bread for the Journey

Pastor Sterling Severns reflects on his experience coming to the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond and his experiences as a young pastor in the Richmond area. When has God transformed what felt like a mistake in your life into part of your call or journey through faith?