Tabernacle, more than any other church I’ve attended, is a glimpse of what the Kingdom claims to be.  It is a collection of people from every walk of life being present without charade or false humility.  It does not demand respect, but it certainly earns it.  What TBC has taught me and what I value is that TBC is willing to take a chance and do what is right rather than what always makes sense.  TBC does not have all the answers, and is not so perfect that it can say to anyone, “You have it wrong.”  Instead, it understands that it can only follow where God is leading and that its duty is to invite anybody, and everybody along for the adventure.  Tabernacle has taught me that there is a sacred value in being a community of authenticity and of chance.  These are the qualities that I miss and which make me hold “that church in the Fan” in such high esteem.


Rev. Alec Miller

Program Manager, Supportive Services at YWCA of Nashville and Middle Tennessee

Alec and Amanda Miller were ordained at Tabernacle Baptist Church on January 20, 2008.


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