While the demolition in the basement area was in progress, the team made a fascinating historical find!  A blackboard from many, many years ago reveals the names of Sunday School classes, counts of attendance, new members and other key information.  Previously hidden in a closet behind shelving, the chalk can still be read!  Because of the size, angle and location of the blackboard, it is difficult to get one good picture of it.   Take a look at the pictures included here.  Sunday School ‘Colonels’ included Delaney, Jennings, Chapin, Eubank, Thomas, Brown, Taurman, Orchestra, Officers.  Do you recognize any of those names?  Let us know if you do!  And wonder who the 12 officers were at that time?

The columns include number on roll and number in attendance, along with the collection amount for that Sunday.   Previously at Tabernacle, the Sunday collection was taken up during Sunday school as well as during the worship service.  Each class posted on the blackboard how much was collected on a Sunday and the previous Sunday, allowing for a week over week comparison.  The numbers still showing on the blackboard are from August 23rd and August 30th of that year.

Once construction in the Basement/Fellowship Hall area is completed, you will have the chance to take a look at what changes were made.  See the display in the basement area and on the TV monitor to refer to the list of changes and the drawing that shows where the changes are taking place.  The blackboard remains in its location in a closet, and is more visible now since we took the shelving down.  It won’t be long before you will have a chance to see if for yourself!


Chalkboard History Renovation 2015 Chalkboard History Renovation 2015 2

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  1. Thomas was the last name of the part of my family (from my mother’s side) who attended Tabernacle. -David Guion

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