The possibilities of declaring a year of jubilee?

A Word from our Pastor

A few months ago, one of our members shared a word of encouragement in the communal journal. A few months later another member of our church used the word jubilee in a reflection they shared. The more I’ve pondered, prayed, studied, and explored the idea, the more I am compelled to consider it.

What would it look like if we declared 12 months of jubilee at Tabernacle? While I’ve been careful not to share too many of the ideas that have surfaced in my own heart, I’ve certainly shared a few. It’s really important that a multitude of voices are heard, we are a priesthood of all believers.

I wonder if you might join the congregation in the exploration of the possibilities. Let’s begin the conversation in our communal journal. The staff will start thinking about ways to bring the congregation together for some holy conversation about jubilee and we’ll see what God does through it!