Our Campaign Vision Event is Here–Sunday, May 4th!
Whether by bulletin note, a printed invitation, or phone call from another member of our congregation, we hope you are aware of our Vision Event taking place on Sunday, May 4th in the Fellowship Hall after worship services. More importantly, we hope that you plan to be there!

Why are we holding this special luncheon?

Tabernacle has embarked on an important campaign in the life of our church. We have taken this opportunity to look back on what the church has accomplished in its past to base how we want to approach creating a vision for our future. Our campaign focuses primarily on our spiritual mission and then how we modify our physical footprint to make it flexible enough to support that mission. The Vision Event is meant to provide you with testimonies that inspire us about the path ahead of us, as well as help us all begin prayers regarding our individual roles in making facility changes possible.

What’s on the menu?

Let’s start with dessert! You will enjoy John Burgess’ cookies–that might be reason enough to attend! The main course will include foods for everyone, including those with a vegan diet. Chicken salad wraps, veggie wraps, fried chicken and a variety of salads are highlights for the youth and adults. Our children’s group has its own delightful menu of chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, fruit cups, and other fun treats. This is a no charge buffet—one you don’t want to miss!

How do the children get to their event? 

If your children are with you at the end of the church service, we ask that you escort children fifth grade and under to the Yellow Room immediately after worship services. Kristin Koger and Meghan Strollo will meet you there. They have a terrific program in store for our children so that they too can learn about the role they have in the future of Tabernacle. Children in the nursery will stay in the nursery throughout church services and the Vision Event.
When does the Vision Event start?

The Vision Event starts for children, youth and adults immediately after worship services on May 4th. As soon as Sunday’s service is over, we ask that you make your way to the Fellowship Hall– unless you are a parent that is going to the Yellow Room first. The buffet will be ready for you!

What is the event program like?

As soon as you have a chance to eat most your delicious meal, we will begin the Vision Event program. After introductions to your Campaign Leadership Team, you will experience a series of testimonies from various members of our church. These testimonies are brief, heartfelt statements about the wonder of Tabernacle and how they view our potential for what God has in store for us. Included among those testimonies is a special video recorded for the event. Bill Welstead will then explain the Vision Campaign packet that you will receive, and your event hosts and hostesses will ask for your assistance in recording who receives the packet. That will help us follow-up with those who could not attend and receive the packet in person. If anyone has to leave early, we will be certain that you get your packet before you leave.

What if I have questions about the changes that are being planned?

We welcome your questions! We will provide blank cards for you to use to write down any questions that you have. We will have an upright mailbox at the back of the Fellowship Hall labeled “Vision Campaign Questions” that you can place your question card in. A member of the Campaign Leadership Team will make sure that your question is answered in the very near future. We will also publish an article called “Frequently Asked Questions” in the TAB so that everyone benefits from answers to some of the questions we receive. The question box will be placed in a convenient location near the sanctuary for the weeks following this event.

Again, we are so very excited about this special time for Tabernacle! Please make every effort to attend our Vision Event. Remember that the Collegiate Cycling Championship race is on the same day, so you may want to take Floyd Avenue or Cary Street when you drive to church on Sunday. We look forward to seeing you there!!

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